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Air Alduria

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An Air Alduria promotional poster.

Air Alduria, originally founded as Aldurian Airways, is the largest international air carrier and unofficial flag carrier of Nouvelle Alexandrie. It is headquarterd in Punta Santiago, Alduria. It was founded in 1670 AN as scheduled airmail and passenger service operating between Punta Santiago and Nivardom, Constancia. The airline is credited for many innovations that shaped the development of a competitive and booming airline industry in Alduria and later Nouvelle Alexandrie. Air Alduria was a joint venture between the government of Nouvelle Alexandrie and Kerularios & Company until 1689 AN, when Kerularios & Company purchased a large of the government's shares during its privatization that year. Air Alduria is the founding member of the Micras Airport Lounge Network.

Air Alduria serves several local and international destinations. The airline's global hub is at Punta Santiago International Airport.