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Aguilarism is an ideology, sociopolitical economy framework, form of political rule and means of governing and related policies implemented and attributed to Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar.

Aguilarist policies

Monarchism and Paramountism

The basic core concept of Aguilarism is the active utilization of a personification and humanization of the State, as reposed and vested in one person, in whom sovereignty lies, and who is the sole guardian, defender, final arbiter and interpreter of the social contract. A cult of personality must, as a matter of course, be cultivated by the state around this individual, for a state must unify the masses, and what better means to more efficiently and effectively do so, but by educating the masses that their paramount leader paternally cares for them without question - all that is required is consistent performance, rightly-guided thinking, and gratitude that results in heartfelt fealty and willful obedience.

Rightly-Guided Patron-client relations

The nomenklatura and the administrative state

Perhaps the paramount beauty of Aguilarism is its subtle if not boring, annoying consistent utilization of law, rules, bureaucratic inertia and regulations, in order to further the objectives of the personification of the State, where this highly-organized library of codices, dossiers, and raw data result in a creeping expansion of the administrative state, where legions of grateful but competitively competent technocratic individuals trip over themselves in order to out-excel and outperform their rivals for higher positions, wider jurisdictional scope, larger discretionary budgets, and greater appointing and patronage power.