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The term Agrofilaki (Rural Police) describes an auxiliary police force, established in the Raspurid territories during the Constancian protectorate, which absorbed the demobilised Raspurid personnel surplus to the requirements of the Imperial Constancian Armed Forces in the aftermath of the Second Euran War. The Agrofilaki were organised as a civilian force tasked with securing the precarious plantations, vineyards, and afforested regions of the devastated Euran interior. Duties therefore included the management of precious irrigation waters, the protection of livestock, the delimitation of farm boundaries, and the settling of disputes between farmers and pastoralists. The Agronomoi (rural marshals), appointed by local officials, also patrolled into the green as part of their enforcement duties - pursuing nomads who have intruded onto settled lands.

Following the establishment of the Committee of Euran Salvation in 1708 AN the Agrofilaki was absorbed into the General Inspectorate of Eura and Corum.