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Pictured: A map of the town of Agripinilla (907 WG).

Located near to the north of the city of Mylecia, the rural town of Agripinilla is a community directly ruled by the Priestess of Agripinilla, perhaps the most influential priestess of Dionysus in the world. The town, which is a notable destination for pilgrims seeking to improve their relationship with the god, is also home to a band of Kapnobatai whose rhythmic, mystical dances are known to induce in viewers a deep trance-like state. Agripinilla, futhermore, is the birthplace of the Pallisican ruler, Kan Zen.

Region Statistics

A view of the pine woods which surround the town of Agripinilla.
Year Population Growth (Growth %) Food Imports (/Person) Fuel Imports (/Person) Other Imports (/Person) Production Modifier (%) Immigration Modifier (%)
36.67 PSSC 24,502 - (-%) 9,848 (.401) 694 (.02) 16,392 (.66) N/A (-) -
35.25 PSSC 1,183 57 (-%) 687 (.58) 471 (.39) 1,135 (.95) N/A (-) -