Aetgar Coastal Defence System

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Aetgar Coastal Defence System

Type: Coastal Defence System
Place of origin: Nova England

In service: 2017 - present
Used by:
Nova england flag.png
Nova England

Designed: 1989
Manufacturer: Nova English Weapons

Crew: 5 (commander, driver, radio operator, gunner, radar operator)
Armour: N/A
Speed: 60kpm (33mph)
Operational range: 450 km
Main armament: IF-11 anti-ship missile rotating twin launcher at rear of vehicle 2 rounds, both ready to fire
Secondary armament: N/A


The Aetgar Coastal Defence System is a mobile battery developed in 1989 for the IF-11 Anti-Ship Missile. It was originally designed to supplement fixed coastal defence battlements at the time and was heavily utilised during the fall of the Britannic Empire to provide provisional sea defences on territories transferred to Nova English administration. Utilising the two launching tubes the vehicle is able to fire IF-11 missiles against targets up to fifty miles away, whilst support vehicles provide additional ammunition. The system also enables coastal defences to be mobile and reduces the chance of pre-emptive aerial attacks that fixed emplacements have.