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Adraisia national football team

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Adraisia Adraisia
Association Adraisian Football Association
FMF member 2006–09
Confederation AEFA
FMF code ADR
First FMF intermicronational
Engliriace Engliriace 1–2 Adraisia Adraisia
Biggest win
Adraisia Adraisia 3–0 Engliriace Engliriace
Biggest defeat
Jamzinia Jamzinia 5–0 Adraisia Adraisia

The Adraisia national football team was the football team which represented the micronation of Adraisia. It was a founding member of both the FMF and the AEFA, and was run by the Adraisian Football Association.


Adraisia was one of the founding members of the FMF when the organisation was created in October 2006 prior to the first FMF World Cup. However, the national team withdrew from the competition before it began for unknown reasons.

In their first ever qualifying campaign the following year, the team beat Engliriace 5–1 on aggregate in the first round. In the second round, the team finished bottom of their three-team group with a point after drawing with Hurmu but losing 5–0 to Jamzinia.

In the 2008 qualifiers, the team finished bottom of their four-team group on goals scored, behind Holzborg, without winning a match. Adraisia left Micras in early 2009.

Chronological competitive participation



Adraisia used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: