Adalwolf Hiedler

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Adalwolf Hiedler
Full name Adalwolf Hiedler
Physical information
Species Human
Race Istvanistani
Gender Male
Hair color and style Brown
Eye color Green
Skin color Olive
Biographical information
Father Berahthar Hiedler
Mother Blenda Poehltsel
Date of birth 1622 AN
Place of birth Cabbagefall, Shireroth
Date of death 1679 AN
Place of death Lakhesis
Residence(s) Niyi, Sanama
Nationality Sanaman
Allegiance(s) Council of National Reconstruction
Occupation General, Supreme Commander, de-facto President of Sanama

Adalwolf Hiedler (b. 1622 in Cabbagefall, d. 1679 on Lakhesis) is the former Supreme Commander of the Sanaman Federal Armed Forces and the current leader of the military junta that seized power on 11.XV.1678 in the 1678 Sanaman coup d'etat.