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==Current squad==
==Current squad==
{{age fs start}}
{{age fs start}}
{{age fs player|no=1 |pos=GK|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Llani Llai}}|age=21}}
{{age fs player|no=1 |nation=Sanama |pos=GK|name=[[Llani Llai]]|age=21}}
{{age fs player|no=2 |pos=DF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Shan Mollupa}}|age=25}}
{{age fs player|no=2 |nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Shan Mollupa]]|age=25}}
{{age fs player|no=3 |pos=DF|name={{team flag|Tellia|name=Andrea Laghetti}}|age=26}}
{{age fs player|no=3 |nation=Tellia |pos=DF|name=[[Andrea Laghetti]]|age=26}}
{{age fs player|no=4 |pos=DF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Sani Puniso}}|age=23}}
{{age fs player|no=4 |nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Sani Puniso]]|age=23}}
{{age fs player|no=5 |pos=DF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Lucjano Panarotti}}|age=29}}
{{age fs player|no=5 |nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Lucjano Panarotti]]|age=29}}
{{age fs player|no=6 |pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Christopher Andretti}}|age=22}}
{{age fs player|no=6 |nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Christopher Andretti]]|age=22}}
{{age fs player|no=7 |pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Pjetro Padani}}|age=25}}
{{age fs player|no=7 |nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Pjetro Padani]]|age=25}}
{{age fs player|no=8 |pos=MF|name={{team flag|Tellia}}|age=18}}
{{age fs player|no=8 |nation=Tellia |pos=MF|name= |age=18}}
{{age fs player|no=9 |pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Luigi Calone}}|age=23}}
{{age fs player|no=9 |nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Luigi Calone]]|age=23}}
{{age fs player|no=10|pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Jared Greenfield}}|age=26}}
{{age fs player|no=10|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Jared Greenfield]]|age=26}}
{{age fs player|no=11|pos=FW|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Gjanluca Totti}}|age=18}}
{{age fs player|no=11|nation=Sanama |pos=FW|name=[[Gjanluca Totti]]|age=18}}
{{age fs player|no=12 |pos=GK|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Hana Tosha}}|age=28}}
{{age fs player|no=12|nation=Sanama |pos=GK|name=[[Hana Tosha]]|age=28}}
{{age fs player|no=13|pos=DF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Taki Palawi}}|age=20}}
{{age fs player|no=13|nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Taki Palawi]]|age=20}}
{{age fs player|no=14|pos=DF|name={{team flag|Drak-Modan|name=Aslan Yakhov}}|age=24}}
{{age fs mid}}
{{age fs player|no=15|pos=DF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Gjotta Sinagra}}|age=27}}
{{age fs player|no=14|nation=Drak-Modan |pos=DF|name=[[Aslan Yakhov]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=16|pos=DF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Cassio Rastelli}}|age=31}}
{{age fs player|no=15|nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Gjotta Sinagra]]|age=27}}
{{age fs player|no=17|pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Herik Shosa}}|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=16|nation=Sanama |pos=DF|name=[[Cassio Rastelli]]|age=31}}
{{age fs player|no=18|pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Vincenzo Persichetti}}|age=19}}
{{age fs player|no=17|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Herik Shosa]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=19|pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Didimo Zaccone}}|age=18}}
{{age fs player|no=18|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Vincenzo Persichetti]]|age=19}}
{{age fs player|no=20|pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Bart Hoppen}}|age=22}}
{{age fs player|no=19|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Didimo Zaccone]]|age=18}}
{{age fs player|no=21|pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Evasio Cogliano}}|age=28}}
{{age fs player|no=20|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Bart Hoppen]]|age=22}}
{{age fs player|no=22|pos=FW|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Gjanpjetro De Natale}}|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=21|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Evasio Cogliano]]|age=28}}
{{age fs player|no=23|pos=FW|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Mattia Tamburo}}|age=23}}
{{age fs player|no=22|nation=Sanama |pos=FW|name=[[Gjanpjetro De Natale]]|age=24}}
{{age fs player|no=24|pos=FW|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Albrico Catalani}}|age=23}}
{{age fs player|no=23|nation=Sanama |pos=FW|name=[[Mattia Tamburo]]|age=23}}
{{age fs player|no=25|pos=MF|name={{team flag|Sanama|name=Saul Romaniello}}|age=26}}
{{age fs player|no=24|nation=Sanama |pos=FW|name=[[Albrico Catalani]]|age=23}}
{{age fs player|no=25|nation=Sanama |pos=MF|name=[[Saul Romaniello]]|age=26}}
{{age fs end}}
{{age fs end}}
[[Category:Football in Sanama]]
[[Category:Football in Sanama]]

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Acquecalde Calcio
Stadio Acquecalde Accjaio
Sanaman Premier League

Acquecalde Calcio is a professional football club based in the western Sanaman city Acquecalde. Given its name and location, the team is the foremost representative of Cisamarrese football.


Current squad

Note: Flags indicate national team as has been defined under FMF eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FMF nationality.

No. Position Player Age
1 Sanama GK Llani Llai 21
2 Sanama DF Shan Mollupa 25
3 Tellia DF Andrea Laghetti 26
4 Sanama DF Sani Puniso 23
5 Sanama DF Lucjano Panarotti 29
6 Sanama MF Christopher Andretti 22
7 Sanama MF Pjetro Padani 25
8 Tellia MF 18
9 Sanama MF Luigi Calone 23
10 Sanama MF Jared Greenfield 26
11 Sanama FW Gjanluca Totti 18
12 Sanama GK Hana Tosha 28
13 Sanama DF Taki Palawi 20
No. Position Player Age
14 Drak-Modan DF Aslan Yakhov 24
15 Sanama DF Gjotta Sinagra 27
16 Sanama DF Cassio Rastelli 31
17 Sanama MF Herik Shosa 24
18 Sanama MF Vincenzo Persichetti 19
19 Sanama MF Didimo Zaccone 18
20 Sanama MF Bart Hoppen 22
21 Sanama MF Evasio Cogliano 28
22 Sanama FW Gjanpjetro De Natale 24
23 Sanama FW Mattia Tamburo 23
24 Sanama FW Albrico Catalani 23
25 Sanama MF Saul Romaniello 26