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Ab Sectora Condita (ASC) was the calendar system of the old Apollo Sector, still used for many things in Shireroth today. Its name comes from the Ab Urbe Condita (AUC) calendar of ancient Rome. Ab Urbe Condita was Latin for "from the founding of the city" and measured dates from the foundation of Rome.

Ab Sectora Condita means "from the founding of the Sector", and counts the days from the founding of the Apollo Sector, August 6 1999. For example, August 6 2000 would be 365 ASC. Dates before August 6 1999 are written as bASC.

The ASC calendar is usually used in situations where it lends credibility to the micronational time scale. A war lasting ten days seems unusual; one lasting ten years seems more likely. The reigns of Kaisers tend to go abnormally long in this system, usually around a century, but this is explained by referring to the Kaisers' semi-divine bloodline giving them extra longevity.

Shireroth was founded in 264 ASC, but its fictional history dates back to the 4th millennium bASC.

Gregorian to ASC conversion program.

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