A-87 Tank

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A-87 Light Tank

Indian Army T-72 Ajeya-MkII.jpg
Type: Lightly Armored Rapid Assault Vehicle
Place of origin: Genovia

In service: 2009 - present
Used by:

Refliasia flag.png Duchy of Refliasia

Designed: 2002-2008
Manufacturer: Royal Steel Corporation

Curb weight: 240 tons
Max. road speed: 64 - 75 mph
Operational range: 800 miles

The A-87 Rapid Assault Vehicle (or A-87 Tank for short) is a Genovian designed medium range lightly armored defensive assault vehicle used by the Refliasia Self Defense Force. There are currently 4 tanks of this class in existence with 3 in Genovia awaiting scrapping following retirement and 1 in Refliasia (the only one presently in active service). In addition, since production of the A-87 moved to Refliasia in early 2020, 26 more have been ordered by the RSDF and are awaiting the necessary funds for construction.