836-C Compound Intercept

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836-C Compound Intercept
Type: Ground-Attack Aircraft
Place of origin: Passio-Corum

In service: 36.77 PSSC-Present
Used by:
In service: 654

Designed: 36.70 - 36.77 PSSC (Based upon design of 836-A and 836-B Sea Plane models)
Manufacturer: Shirley Stock Fund

Length: 18m
Width: 17.5m
Height: 5.1m
Weight: 12 Tons (16 Tons MTOW)
Crew: 1
Armament: 4 x 30mm 2A42-1 fuselage gun

4 x .50 Cal Machine Guns 2 x 26 inch Torpedo Tube

Cost: Misc.