2020–21 Micras Games

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2020–21 Micras Games
Events 25 in 17 sports

The 2020–21 Micras Games, officially known as the II Micras Games, is the second hosting of the Micras Games; a multi-sport event coordinated by the Fédération Micraise de Sport. Following the unsuccessful inaugural edition, the games' format was amended to revolve around the results of existing sports competitions to be held across Micras throughout 2020 and 2021. As a result, the games themselves have no individual host nation nor are events specifically scheduled to be held simultaneously in the same locale.

The games are scheduled to comprise a total of 17 sports separated into 25 events for which gold, silver and bronze medals are to be awarded.


The hosting of events and any relevant bidding processes are the responsibility of the organising bodies in charge of their respective sports, and therefore may not yet be confirmed. The following nations are scheduled to host the specified events' entire finals tournament or placement matches.

Nation Events Total
Floria Floria Amorian football pictogram.png 2020 MGFF World Cup
Baseball pictogram.png 2020 Micras Baseball Classic
Basketball pictogram.png 2020 MBF World Cup
Ice hockey pictogram.png 2020 Ice Hockey World Cup
Rugby pictogram.png 2020 FMRL World Cup
Craitland Craitland Cricket pictogram.png 2020 MCF World T20 Cup
Ólbescból pictogram.png 2021 Ólbescból World Cup
Lamantia Lamantia Cricket pictogram.png 2021 MCF World ODI Cup 1
Mercury Mercury Football pictogram.png 2020 Women's World Championships 1
Senya Senya Football pictogram.png 2020 Colney Cup 1




Traditional sports

Sport Events
Amorian football pictogram.png Amorian football 2020 MGFF World Cup
Football pictogram.png Association football 2020 Colney Cup
2020 Women's World Championships
Baseball pictogram.png Baseball 2020 Micras Baseball Classic
Basketball pictogram.png Basketball 2020 MBF World Cup
2020 MBF Women's World Cup

Sport Events
Cricket pictogram.png Cricket 2020–21 MCF World Test Championship
2021 MCF World ODI Cup
2020 MCF World T20 Cup
Curling pictogram.png Curling 2021 Curling World Championship
Futsal pictogram.png Futsal 2020 Futsal World Cup
Ice hockey pictogram.png Ice hockey 2020 Ice Hockey World Cup
2021 Women's Ice Hockey World Cup

Sport Events
Ólbescból pictogram.png Ólbescból 2021 Ólbescból World Cup
Rugby pictogram.png Rugby
2020 FMRL World Cup
2020 FMRL Women's World Cup
2020 Rugby World Cup 7's
2021 Rugby Union World Cup
Tennis pictogram.png Tennis 2020–21 FMT Nations Cup

Live events

Participating nations


Medal table

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Floria Floria 3 1 0 4
2 Mercury Mercury 1 1 1 3
3 Craitland Craitland 1 1 0 2
4 Senya Senya 1 0 1 2
5 Gotzborg Gotzborg 0 1 0 1
6 Birgeshir Birgeshir 0 0 1 1
Sanama Sanama 0 0 1 1
Zandarijn Zandarijn 0 0 1 1