2018–19 CTFA Champions' League

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The 2018–19 CTFA Champions' League was the eighth edition of the CTFA Champions' League, which began on 28 August 2018 with the first qualifying round and culminated with the final in May 2019. Thirty-six teams participated in the competition from 16 nations.

Allocation of places

The number of places allocated to each nation depended on their CTFA national coefficient.

Pos. Nation Coeff. Places
1 Birgeshir Birgeshir 42.54 4
2 Zandarijn Zandarijn 38.88 3
3 Passio-Corum Passio-Corum 21.88
4 North Antarctic Domain North Antarctic Domain 21.13
5 Vyktory Vyktory 20.55 2
6 Natopia Natopia 20.30
7 North Antarctica North Antarctica 16.25
8 Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq 14.00 1

Pos. Nation Coeff. Places
9 Greater Sangun Greater Sangun 12.88 1
10 Athlon Athlon 11.67
11 Treisenberg Treisenberg 8.63
12 Lusa Lusa 7.17
13 Two Martyrs Two Martyrs 3.38
14 Mar Sara Mar Sara 3.13
15 Etourney Etourney 1.63
16 Saint-Antoine Saint-Antoine 0.00

List of qualified teams

Entered in Group stage
Birgeshir Öturma FK (TH) Zandarijn Prins Haven Atletisch FC (1st) Passio-Corum (2nd) Vyktory Lionsgate City (1st)
Birgeshir Mëzal Birlæşňi FK (1st) Zandarijn AFC Hamstadt (2nd) North Antarctic Domain (1st) Natopia (1st)
Birgeshir Mutfak Şeflær FK (2nd) Passio-Corum (1st)
Entered in Third qualifying round
Birgeshir Otaq Röyal FK (3rd) Passio-Corum (3rd) North Antarctic Domain (3rd) Natopia (2nd)
Zandarijn SV Magister (3rd) North Antarctic Domain (2nd) Vyktory AFC Harrisville (2nd) North Antarctica SC Antarctica (1st)
Entered in Second qualifying round
North Antarctica Olympique Livingston (2nd) Greater Sangun (1st) Treisenberg FC Volksburg (1st) Lusa Taulaga le Lusa N.V. (1st)
Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq Ranheim Rensdyr (1st) Athlon (1st)
Entered in First qualifying round
Two Martyrs (1st) Mar Sara (1st) Etourney Etourney FC (1st) Saint-Antoine (1st)