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2017 Williams Shield

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The 2017 Williams Shield is a one-off three-match test series contested by the Florian Republic national rugby league team and Etourney national rugby league team. The Etourney national rugby league team is to play a match against Northsilver Panthers in a warm-up match.


In early 2017, the Florian Republic entered the qualifying campaign for the 2017 FMRL World Cup and narrowly missed out by a point. To fill the absence of them at the tournament the FRFL invited the Etourney national rugby league team, to compete in a one-off series. To fill the Gulf of both teams, The Etourney national rugby league team was permitted to choose heritage players currently playing in the Florian Super League. This will be the first time that the Etourney national rugby league team play a full member of the FMRL. The team previously took on the Florian Police and Army in the Florian Tri-series.

To prepare for the series, Northsilver Panthers offered to play the Etourney team as a warm-up match.


Florian Republic Position Etourney
Northcliff Vikings Dylan Austin Fullback Cameron Blanc Etourney Scorpions
Northsilver Panthers Adam Rogers Wing Rhys Gaines Meadowedge Warriors
Northcliff Vikings Rhys Baxter (K) (C) Centre Bradley Ward Blackoak Giants
Northcliff Vikings Leo Bell Centre Tom Jacks Meadowedge Warriors
Northsilver Panthers Nicholas Foster Wing Jacob Scott Blackoak Giants
Dragonmoor Dragons John Webb Five-Eighth Alex Clark Newhedge Centurions
Meadowedge Warriors Kyrie Shepard Halfback Nathan Gordon Dragonmoor Devils
Newmarsh Saints Adam Young Prop Bailey Price Newhedge Centurions
Havenbarrow Wolves Jesus Skinner Hooker Jensen Dimont Etourney Scorpions
Newmarsh Saints Ernest Lee Prop David Lee Dragonmoor Devils
Northcliff Broncos Anthony Walker 2nd Row Mike Perkins Etourney Eagles
Meadowedge Warriors Sean Powell 2nd Row Adam Baillieu Etourney Lions
Havenbarrow Wolves Jenson Cole Lock Thierry Kléber Etourney Eagles
Northcliff Broncos Sam Lee Interchange Égide Naudé Etourney Lions
Blackoak Giants Oliver Berry Interchange Wilfrid Jaubert St. Edwin's Cavaliers
Northcliff Tigers Riley Bates Interchange Patrice Duchamp Etourney Warriors
Dragonmoor Devils Samuel Stone Interchange Igor Sadoul Etourney Warriors
Dragonmoor Devils Lewis Day Interchange Igor Sadoul Etourney Warriors
Northcliff Tigers Lucas Watson Interchange Franco Barnier Etourney Scorpions
Jack Rowley Coach Colin Duchemin


The four matches will be played at the following venues in the Florian Republic.

Northsilver Newmarsh Dragonmoor Northcliff
Panthers Arena Olympic Stadium Red Bear Park Northcliff Arena
Capacity: 25,586 Capacity: 40,000 Capacity: 60,000 Capacity: 75,000
Panthersarena.jpg Olympic Stadium.jpg Red bear Park(2).jpg Northcliff Arena.jpg


Game 1

2017 Williams Shield
Date 12th November 2017
Venue Panthers Arena, Northsilver
Man of the Match Bailey Price
Referee James Walker
Attendance 24,261

12th November 2017
19:30 FST
Northsilver Panthers Northsilver Panthers colours.png 12 – 12 Flag of Etourney.png Etourney
Panthers Arena
Attendance: 24,261
Referee: James Walker

Test 1

2017 Williams Shield
Date 19th November 2017
Venue Olympic Stadium, Newmarsh
Referee Ben Taylor [MER]
Attendance 38,737

19th November 2017
19:30 FST
Florian Republic Florian republic flag old.png 22 – 6 Flag of Etourney.png Etourney
Olympic Stadium, Newmarsh
Attendance: 38,737
Referee: Ben Taylor

Test 2

2017 Williams Shield
Date 25th November 2017
Venue Red Bear Park, Dragonmoor
Referee Ben Taylor [MER]
Attendance 56240

25th November 2017
19:30 FST
Florian Republic Florian republic flag old.png 13 – 6 Flag of Etourney.png Etourney
Red Bear Park, Dragonmoor
Attendance: 56,240
Referee: Ben Taylor

Test 3

2017 Williams Shield
Date 2nd December 2017
Venue Northcliff Arena, Northcliff
Referee Ben Taylor [MER]
Attendance 75,000

2nd December 2017
19:30 FST
Florian Republic Florian republic flag old.png 48 – 8 Flag of Etourney.png Etourney
Northcliff Arena
Attendance: 75,000
Referee: Ben Taylor


  • Game One: Florian Republic 50-4 Etourney
  • Game Two: Florian Republic 42-0 Etourney
  • Game Three:Florian Republic 84-0 Etourney


The Florian Republic won the series 3-0. After the match, plans were made for a series in 2018, however, there is an issue du to the FMRL World Cup and FMRL Four Nations.