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2016 Senyan School International Tournament

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The 2016 Senyan School International Tournament will be the fifth edition of the Senyan School International Tournament, and will be hosted by Senya. All proceeds raised by the tournament went towards funding education in poorer Micrasian nations and regions.

Changes from 2015

  • Age limit was lowered from 17 to 16.
  • Maximum amount of teams per country was lowered to:
    • 4 for host nation
    • 2 for nations using a qualifying format
    • 1 for invitees

Participating teams

Team Qualification
Fort Kolgrad Fort Kolgrad Schule 2016 FKFB-Schule Pokal winners
Fort Kolgrad Bergdorf Weiterführende Schule 2016 FKFB-Schule Pokal runners-up
Juclandia Plushelona FCM Boys Invitee
Lakkvia AC Pojoinenkaupunki U-16 2015 U-16 Esimeneliiga winners
Lakkvia Huyenkula 07 Sport U-16 2015 U-16 Esimeneliiga runners-up
Lostisland Mal'chiki Khor Boys Invitee
Lucerne Lucerne U-16 Invitee
Mercury Mercury City Academy 2015–16 Mercury Academy Premier League winners
Mercury Olbers Collegiate School 2016 MeFA Champion Schools winners
North Antarctica Livingston College of Sport 2016 NAFA Under-16 Cup winners
Nova England King Josephus College (West Grinstead) Invitee
Nova English Korea Port Barret High School Invitee
Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq U-16 Invitee
Ranentsi Ranentsi School XI Invitee
River Warriors River Warriors School XI Invitee
Senya Magalatska District High School 2015–16 Senyan High School Cup winners
Senya Safranæsarĵ Tep-Ekol 2015–16 Senyan High School Cup runners-up
Senya Znetyan Tep-Ekol 2015–16 Senyan High School Cup semi-finalists
Senya Janvar Moroni Tep-Ekol 2015–16 Senyan High School Cup semi-finalists
Tyrenia Avante Lucia U-16 Invitee

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