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[[category:Iron Cult of Leng]]
[[category:Iron Cult of Leng]]

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1680 Joint Military Exercise
Date 1680
Location Normaria, Iron Cult
Jingdaoese-Alriggian Alliance


500 infantrymen

4,500 infantrymen Nikolaj Class Aircraft Carrier

Leng Garrison (enu Kalirion)
Svordson Reform Settlement

1680 Joint Military Exercise of the Jingdaoese-Alriggian Alliance was a proposed military exercise by the Jingdaoese Qiangtan Junren's 4th Wuqi Amphibious Infantry Regiment and the Alriggian Northern Circle's militia. The goal of the exercise was to test the alliance's ability to perform in an arctic climate, but more importantly to show Raspur Pact nations that they would not be able to annex the territory. The military exercise would be held near Normaria in the territory of the Iron Cult, however with the Elwynnese Union starting their own counter-operation called Fälttåget Norrsken, the goal of the operation shifted. Alriggian and Jingdaoese troop which were already preparing for their exercise were flown into Normaria with the goal of assisting the Iron Cult in defending their territory against an Elwynnese assault. Great uncertainty surrounded the mission as it was not yet known how the Iron Cult would respond to the foreign troops landing on their shores.