1680 Alriggian Presidential Election

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The 1680 Alriggian Presidential Election was scheduled to be held in Alrig in late 1679. It was the first election for the office of the President of Alrig. Previously, the office was trusted to the republic's founder, Hieronim Erazm. The elections were held in two rounds, with the two candidates who gain the most votes in the first round competing in the second round. A second round would not be held when one candidate received more than 50% of the votes in the first round.

The election was won by Luo Dai.

The "Jingdaoese Question"

A major theme in the election is the relation between Alrig and Jingdao, with Hendrik Van Hoevendaal of the Labor Party strongly denouncing the perceived totalitarianism of the Jingdaoese State. He has received severe criticism for this position from the other candidates and organisations and companies in Alrig. Both Luo Dai and Zhuchi Xi, both born in Jingdao, argue that it is the special relationship with Jingdao which makes Alriggian society stable and free. News that Hendrik Van Hoevendaal participated in the International Labourers Guild, which seeks to abolish forced labour in Jingdao, have led to further outcries in the establishment. Hendrik Van Hoevendaal has suggested the idea that Jingdao is not the only natural ally of Alrig, but that both Floria and Elwynn are possible options.

Declared candidates

Portrait Name Notes Answer to the "Jingdaoese question"
Luo dai.png Luo Dai Leader of the Guild for Agriculture and Fishing in the Council of Driftwood Proponent of strong cooperation with Jingdao and the USSO, both on economic and military areas.
Hendrik van hoevendaal.png Hendrik Van Hoevendaal Chairman of the Labor Party of Alrig, leading member of the Micras Socialist International Believes that while trade with Jingdao is important, Alrig should address human rights issues before military cooperation becomes possible. Suggests other alliances are also possible.
Zhuchi xi.png Zhuchi Xi Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the United North Apollonian Company Proponent of more economic integration with Jingdao to strengthen the Alriggian economy.

First Round

In the first round Hendrik Van Hoevendaal received most of the votes. In its commentary, the Alriggian newspaper Rigged News suggested that Luo Dai and Zhuchi Xi were too similar for one of them to gain a strong result. With 27% of the votes, Zhuchi Xi was eliminated.

Portrait Name Percentage of votes
Luo dai.png Luo Dai 32%
Hendrik van hoevendaal.png Hendrik Van Hoevendaal 41%
Zhuchi xi.png Zhuchi Xi 27%

Second Round

After the good results for Hendrik Van Hoevendaal in the first round, eliminated Zhuchi Xi joined the campaign of Luo Dai. Most of her supporters voted for Luo Dai in the second round. The election was unsurprisingly won by Luo Dai, representative of the status quo. Still, the good results of the socialist Hendrik Van Hoevendaal were considered a warning.

Portrait Name Percentage of votes
Luo dai.png Luo Dai 56%
Hendrik van hoevendaal.png Hendrik Van Hoevendaal 44%