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1678 Asamblea Nacional elections

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1678 Asamblea Nacional elections
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All 125 seats to the Asamblea Nacional de la República
63 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  PresidentRodrigo.jpg Paula Ferraro de Sole.png Nunez.png
Leader Rodrigo Calderón Mendez Paula Ferraro de Sole Carlos Geraldo Núñez
Party Partido de Liberación Nacional Cambio Democratico Partido Conservador
Leader's seat Puerto Arcadio La Hampa Valverde
Last election 64 40 21
Seats won 65 50 8
Seat change 1 10 13
Popular vote 1,742,100 1,460,500 244,900
Percentage 48% 40.2% 6.7%

Fourth party Fifth party
  Pedro Forlan.jpg Jorge Quislas.jpg
Leader Gen. Pedro Forlán Martins Jorge Quislas Yupanqui
Party Partido Fascista Republicano Acción Popular de Timaro
Leader's seat Calico Ciudad Timaro
Last election 0 0
Seats won 1 1
Seat change 1 1
Popular vote 68,300 63,200
Percentage 1.9% 1.7%


Turnout: 3,632,300 voters

The thid Elections for the Asamblea Nacional de la República, the unicameral parliament of Los Liberados were held in 1678 AN. The elections were the first elections held following the death of President Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez and the assumption of power by Rodrigo Calderón Mendéz. The governing Partido de Liberación Nacional maintained its majority and renewed its mandate to govern the Republic. Meanwhile, Cambio Democrático, the winners of the previous election, continued their challenge of the PLN and won another 10 seats. Three other parties were able to gain seats, mainly through their constituency representation. Most prominent of which was the Partido Consevador, who suffered another defeat and won 8 seats. The Partido Fascista Republicano and the Acción Popular de Timaro both gained one constituency seat.

Allegations of electoral fraud

Following the election, opposition leader Paula Ferraro accused the Calderón government of having engaged in fraudulent activities in order to ensure a PLN victory. Incidents of ballot stuffing and voter suppression have been reported locally, although definite proof has not been given by accusing parties. Calderón received criticism over the lack of polling stations in the mountainous areas of Isla Montaña and the southern Timaro islands. Independent observers from Batavia have not observed any major irregularities, describing the elections as generally fair and well-organised.


Political party Leader Votes Elected; Proportion Elected; Constituencies Elected; total % of votes % of seats
Partido de Liberación Nacional Rodrigo Calderón Mendéz 1,742,100 34 31 65 48% 52%
Cambio Democratico Paula Ferraro de Sole 1,460,500 31 19 50 40.2% 40%
Partido Conservador Carlos Geraldo Núñez 244,900 0 8 8 6.7% 6.4%
Partido Fascista Republicano Gen. Pedro Forlán Martins 68,300 0 1 1 1.9% 0.8%
Acción Popular de Timaro Jorge Quislas Yupanqui 63,200 0 1 1 1.7% 0.8%
Other 53,300 0 0 0 1.5% 0%
Total 3,632,300 65 60 125