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1678 Asamblea Nacional elections
Los Liberados flag.png
1673 ←

All 125 seats to the Asamblea Nacional de la República
63 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  JacoboCastrigo.jpg Paula Ferraro de Sole.png Nunez.png
Leader Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez Paula Ferraro de Sole Carlos Geraldo Núñez
Party Partido de Liberación Nacional Cambio Democratico Partido Conservador
Leader's seat Puerto Arcadio La Hampa Valverde
Seats won 64 40 21
Seat change 14 40 2


Turnout: voters

President before election

Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez (PLN)

Subsequent President

Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez (PLN)

The second Elections for the Asamblea Nacional de la República, the unicameral parliament of Los Liberados were held in 1673 AN. The second democratic election in the nation, the election was largely a referendum on the Liberadosan government, the Junta de Liberación Nacional (National Liberation Council), and the nation's President Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez. Having won the previous election in a landslide, the PLN consolidated its power throughout the country.

The opposition saw some changes, the Partido de la Izquierda broke up after internal turmoil, some members joined the PLN, which adopted social democracy in their platform, whereas others joined the Cambio Democratico, the main opposition movement against the perceived undemocratic government, which was founded by former ¡Adelante! chairwoman Paula Ferraro. Some smaller parties such as the Communist Party, the Catologian State Party and the Timaro Rights Party failed to reach the electoral threshold and did not gain any seats.


The results of the elections, and the narrow majority of the PLN, lead to some worry for the ruling government junta, who strongly oppose further democratic changes in the country. Following the elections, President Castrigo invited CD leader Ferraro to the Presidential Palace for a discussion. During these talks, the President had allegedly made crude remarks in the direction of Señora Ferraro, and threatened to "destroy her and her party of traitors". The fight dominated the tabloids for a week, but the President himself denied that this incident ever happened.

Political party Leader Votes Elected; Proportion Elected; Constituencies Elected; total % of votes % of seats
Partido de Liberación Nacional Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez 1,670,200 31 33 64 49.6% 51.2%
Cambio Democratico Paula Ferraro de Sole 1,024,300 23 17 40 30.4% 32%
Partido Conservador Carlos Geraldo Núñez 553,700 11 10 21 16.4% 16.8%
Other 120,100 0 0 0 3.6% 0%
Total 3,368,300 65 60 125