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1673 Sanaman name change referendum

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The 1673 Sanaman name change referendum was held on 2.V.1673 with a single question: whether or not to change the formal name of Sanama from the Democratic Federation of Sanilla and Amarra to the Democratic Federation of Sanama. The term Sanama had been coined shortly after the Sanilla and Amarra Liberation Army for Democracy conquered territory in the traditional areas of the Ama and Sani, as a practical shorthand name for the much longer formal name. The term had caught on in most sections of society, even finding its way into official documents and names of organisations, like the Sanaman Football Federation.


According to the constitution, a constitutional amendment by referendum requires a double majority. A majority of the people have to vote in favor, and the result in a majority of the cantons has to be in favor. Around 86 % of the people voted in favor of the amendment, and the result was negative in only two cantons. The result was promulgated shortly thereafter and the constitution formally amended.