1670 "Triplá-Álfa" Exercise

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1670 "Triplá-Álfa" Exercise
Part of Trans-Euran Command (Raspur Pact)
Date 13–24.XV.1670
Location Arak, Astérapolis, Aqaba
Blue Team
Purple Team
Units involved
Blue Force
  • Euran Banner Group
    • 5th Bombardment Group
    • Gold Banner Western Fleet of the 1st Army
      • Vanguard Battlegroup
      • 301st Carrier Air Group
      • 1st Supply Column
    • Black Banner Northern Fleet of the 1st Army
      • 2nd Flotilla
    • Aqaba Command
      • 4th Aux. Vexillation of the EEF
Purple Force
  • Aftokratorikí Frourá (Imperial Guard)
  • Ópla Máchis (Combat Arm)
    • 1st Syntagma (Airborne)
    • 4th Syntagma (Marine)
    • 5th Syntagma (Artillery)
    • 6th Syntagma (Air Defence)
    • 10th Syntagma (Combat Support)
    • Local Home Guard Brigades (ad hoc)
  • Stoliskos Antitorpilikon (Destroyer Flotilla)
  • Air Operations Centre
    • Iptámeno Panepistímio Moíra
    • 11th Syntagma (Area Control)
    • Epsilon Moíra of the 13th Syntagma (Air Combat)
    • 14th Syntagma (Airborne Early Warning & Patrol)
  • ESB Security Directorate
    • 1st Communications, EW, Surveillance Regiment
    • 2nd Anti-Tank Regiment
    • Facility Defence Detachments

Blue Force
  • 16,440 support personnel
  • 4,804 auxiliaries
  • Horjin CV35 x189
  • Cargo Submarine x2
  • Logistic Support Vessel x4
  • Merchantmen x15
  • Northman-class Corvette x14
  • Oil Tanker x1
  • Coastal patrol craft x25
  • A-6 Pundarikam x90
  • A-10 Kambera x5
  • GAV(P)-6 Zephyr Mark 1a x11
  • R-1 Whirdlebird x24
  • T-2 Saeqeh x16

Purple Force
  • 8,400 first line personnel
  • 13,390 support personnel
  • 6,480 PMC's
  • 7,200 home guardsmen
  • Horjin CV35 x1,516
  • 80 mm Field Gun x200
  • 9K37 Buk mobile SAM batteries x5
  • Truck-mounted radar-tracking 75mm autocannon x200
  • Coastal patrol craft x235
  • Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette x15
  • AW101 Merlin Helicopter x72
  • Buccaneer S.2D x24
  • BN-2T-4S Defender 4000 x1
  • CN-235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft x1
  • MiG-29K Fulcrum x30

The "Triplá-Álfa" Exercise, carried out in the dying days of the year 1670 was a joint Raspur Pact-Constancian strategic war-game intended to evaluate the preparedness of the Imperial State to resist a USSO aggression along the lines of those observed in Normark, Haifa, and Niijima. At an operational level the exercise comprised of a series of preparedness drills in government and military-industrial facilities in the cities of Arak, Aqaba, and Astérapolis, combined with joint aerial and naval manoeuvres simulating the intrusion of a USSO raiding force into the Gulf of Aqaba.

Preparatory drills and logistical preparations

The course of the exercise

Phase I: crisis & response

Phase II: espionage & insurgent actions

Phase III: blockade & commerce raiding

Phase IV: aerial & orbital strikes

Phase V: gassing & gorging

Phase VI: incursion of the Xindao Group

Phase VII: relief by allied forces / endex

Aftermath and analysis

Throughout the exercise it was apparent that the Constancians and Trans-Euran Command were attempting to ascertain the possible ways in which the Bassarid predilection for asymmetrical warfare, rule-breaking, and reality warping narrative short-cuts, would mesh together with the overly conventional, if not actually hidebound, Jingdaoese war of war. In fact, it became apparent that the two styles would complement each other - albeit with the New Zimian War League obliged to do most of the dirty work in disorientating, isolating, harassing, and weakening the Raspur Pact forces in theatre, before a Jing expeditionary force (most likely a full fleet to escort and deliver a Field Army into theatre) could arrive, with not inconsiderable fanfare, to deliver the final unsubtle sledgehammer blow to whatever remained.

During the course of the exercise a number of un-flagged vessels were boarded, searched for contraband, and, in a half-dozen instances out of the hundred or so boarding actions, sunk with their crews lashed firmly to the rails.