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1669 Asamblea Nacional elections

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1669 Asamblea Nacional elections
→ 1673

All 125 seats to the Asamblea Nacional de la República
63 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  JacoboCastrigo.jpg Nunez.png Paula Ferraro de Sole.png
Leader Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez Carlos Geraldo Núñez Paula Ferraro de Sole
Party Partido de Liberación Nacional Partido Conservador ¡Adelante!
Leader's seat Puerto Arcadio Valverde La Hampa
Seats won 78 23 15
Seat change 78 23 15
Popular vote 642,320 208,710 151,190
Percentage 57.9% 18.8% 13.6%

Fourth party
Leader Matteo de Lombo García
Party Partido de la Izquierda

Leader's seat Augusto
Seats won 9
Seat change 9
Popular vote 106,320
Percentage 9.7%


Turnout: 1,108,540 voters

The first Elections for the Asamblea Nacional de la República, the unicameral parliament of Los Liberados were held in 1669 AN. It was the first election following Liberadosan independence and the establishment of a democratically elected legislative body in the nation. The elections saw the he Partido de Liberación Nacional, the party alligned with the the Junta de Liberación Nacional (National Liberation Council), the governing Junta of the islands, and its President Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez, win an absolute majority. The election also saw the formation of four major political parties. Besides the PLN, these were the liberal Conservative party; and two socialist, pro-democratic parties: ¡Adelante! and the PdlI.


Political party Leader Votes Elected; Proportion Elected; Constituencies Elected; total % of votes % of seats
Partido de Liberación Nacional Jacobo Castrigo Álvarez 642,320 40 38 78 57.9% 62,4%
Partido Conservador Carlos Geraldo Núñez 208,710 7 16 23 18.8% 18.4%
¡Adelante! Paula Ferraro de Sole 151,190 13 2 15 13.6% 12%
Partido de la Izquierda Matteo de Lombo García 106,320 5 4 9 9.7% 7.2%
Total 1,108,540 65 60 125


The election campaign was largely controlled by the PLN, who focussed on the President and his popularity. Whereas the conservatives, and also ¡Adelante!, tried to find a more rural electorate, the PdlI chose to actively oppose the government. This lead to the election campaign being largely a two-way fight between the nationalists and the socialists.

The PLN campaign focussed on the person of Castrigo, who is widely popular among the Liberadosan population.
The Partido de la Izquierda was the strongest oposition force against the incumbent government.