1602 Kaiser election

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The1602 election for Kaiser took place in 1602 following the abdication of Kaiseress Mira Raynora Minor. The election was the first kaiser election in the history of the Landsraad. In the end, Aiomide Oqtavion was elected Kaiser and took the throne as Kaiser Aiomide. The Landsraad met in the Palace of Anandja in the Skyla Isles.

At the outset, several candidates had been nominated: Aiomide Oqtavion, Balârak Âlaion, Jack Lewis, Deimos Jasonides, Mahamantot Win'eth, Royston Merrick, and Warner Barentsz. Lewis declined his nomination, and Merrick and Jasonides withdrew from the election before voting had started, while Barentsz remained on the ballot (though he himself voted for Oqtavion).

During voting, Balârak Âlaion, Minister of Military Affairs and the main contender to the kaisership, issued orders for the arrest of all Elwynnese members of the Landsraad. The Prætor, Vilhelm Benkern, refused to obey that order and had the Landsraad guards protect the electors during the election.

In the end, Aiomide Oqtavion secured 6 votes, Balârak Âlaion 4 votes, Mahamantot Win'eth 1 vote (from Conglacio Swefhert), and there were 2 absentions.

After the election had concluded, Kaiser Aimode entered the Landsraad chamber and declared:

Good Evening.

Today, I accept acclamation by the Landsraad to the Mango Throne. I thank you for choosing me. I thank my fellow contenders for participating in this endeavor. It is a testament to the Imperial Republic that someone such as myself can one-day find themselves at its peak.

Me, the manifestation of the mingling of old and new, a child of the Royal Line of Kalir as well as of House Octavius, the once co-rulers of the now ruined Antican realm. Me, raised in the Elwynnese Union when it remained split and disconnected from the Imperial Republic. Me, Aiomide Oqtavion.

You have placed me upon the Mango Throne, and yet we assemble here on Skyla, far from Shirekeep. Shirekeep, a city in turmoil, whose populace is plagued with a poison of the mind, whose land has become divided between the great lands of Shireroth, some in a claim for power, others for the sheer need to bring it stability by force of arms. Let us make Shirekeep, that great city, a site for civilized government once more.

Final tally:

Elector Candidate
Aiomide Oqtavion Aiomide Oqtavion
Aryeztur Mejorkhor Balarak Alaion
Balarak Alaion Balarak Alaion
Conglacio Swefhert Mahamantot Win'eth
Deimos Jasonides Aiomide Oqtavion
Jack Lewis Aiomide Oqtavion
Jacobus Loki Balarak Alaion
Kai Jackson Balarak Alaion
Krasniy Yastreb Abstained
Mahamantot Win'eth Abstained
Royston Merrick Aiomide Oqtavion
Shyriath Bukolos Balarak Alaion
Warner Barentsz Aiomide Oqtavion