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Äthen Gaär

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Äthen Gaär
Äthen Gaär.jpg
Prime Minister of Craitland
In office
1 Sept 2014 – 1 Sept 2015
King Craitman
Deputy Zacqäs Läm
Preceded by Älison Jorgeņ
Succeeded by Andre Karisson
Born 1946, Cherry Trees
Political Party United Conservatives
Profession Investment banker
Alma mater Royal College, Cherry Trees

Äthen Gaär is a Craitish politician who was the nation's Prime Minister between 1 September 2014 and 1 September 2015. A divisive figure in Craitish politics, a coalition with the National Party during his premiership led to schisms within his own United Conservatives party, with controversial comments he made leading to significant unpopularity among the public.