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| Field Commander
| Field Commander
| Syretḥemat
| Tamtḥemat
| [[Red Laqi language|RL.]] "Column Boss"
| [[Red Laqi language|RL.]] "Wing Boss"
| rowspan=2 | ''Ahmst'' / Tribune
| rowspan=2 | ''Ahmst'' / Tribune
| Regimental Commander
| Battalion Commander
| Tḥemat
| Tḥemat

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The Ŝḥenĉeł'yhe, commonly misspelled Shenchely are a mercenary group operating primarily within Brookshire. The Ŝḥenĉeł'yhe are multiethnic and multilingual, but are dominated by Laqs, who form its backbone of hardened fighters and leadership. As such, the group conducts itself primarily in the Laqi Language.

Its services are currently contracted out to the Golden Mango Throne for the purpose of eliminating anti-imperial organized resistance within the remaining territory of the Imperial Republic. This contract was signed on 25.VIII.1680 AN for a period of two years, with options for renewal.



Ŝḥenĉeł'yhe operations are directed by the Hase (RL. "Council"). Together, the seven Hasešyšhe (RL. "Council Members") possess a controlling interest.


  • Myćyiereh, "The Nonsleepers": 16 Companies
  • Ġ°eg°yuenek°'ynyrł'yh, "The Journeymen": 12 Companies
  • Pesyk'°ehe F'yc'ehe, "The Black Watchmen": 15 Companies
  • Łym Yśeh, "Brothers of The Blood": 7 Companies
  • Tyġ°ryġ°yh, "Eagle-Owls": 5 Companies (core group adopted from the Journeymen)
  • Ć'eleiedźak'°eh 'Azeh, "The Apt Pupils": 4 Companies


Authorized Composition

In IV.1683 AN, as part of an effort to systematize and expand the Ŝḥenĉeł'y ranks, the Duchess-in-Kehl issued directives detailing the authorized number and rank of owners and fighters for a correctly-organized and fully-staffed fighting company:

1 Tḥemat as commander;
5 Bysymeh, numbered according to seniority, with the first as second-in-command, and the remainder it command of each fighting K°ert;
1 Ẑyŝypq, to enforce discipline and provide advice to the commander;
19 Feġzek°'eh, to command each K°yp;
48 'Epe'as, to assist their Feġzek°' in command of the K°yp; and
96 Zeuak°'eh, to do what they must.
Unit Commander Translation Number Notes
X°yrei Tḥemat "Circle, Company" 6;156
K°ert Pćeg°
Bysym Apere "Middle Troop" 1;8
K°yp Pćeg°ded
Ẑyŝypq "Middlest Team" 2 (+4) Ẑyŝypq, Commander's Manservant, and a disciplinarian from each troop
Myłyk° ziy K°yp
Feġzek°' "Assets Team" 2 (+4) Quartermaster, Quartermaster's assistant, and a supply supervisor from each troop
K°yp Ġeẑyre
Feġzek°' "Cooking Team" 2 (+4) Cook, Cook's assistant, and a mess distributor from each troop
'Aśe Hehyġe ziy K°yp
Feġzek°' "Extraordinary Arms Team" 2+ Weapons master, Weapons master's assistant; additional as necessary to use and maintain nonstandard equipment
K°ert [4]
Bysym Iat'°yner-Iatfyner "Troop" 1;37 [4;148]
K°yp Pćeg°
Feġzek°' "Middle Team" 10 Heavy Weapons Section
'E Aŝ°ek°ybenyre
'Epe'as "Tank-striking Arm" 3 Anti-Tank Group
'E Myinedzyre
'Epe'as "Mortar-throwing Arm" 3 Mortar Group
'E Šeryu
'Epe'as "Well-aimed Arm" 3 Sniper Group
K°yp [3]
Feġzek°' "Team" 9 [27]
'E Źeheć'°etyre
Feġzek°' "Scouting Arm" 3 Scout Group
C'erax° ziy 'E
C'erax°ł'y "Gun Arm" 3 Machine Gun Group
Śh°enćeh ziy 'E
'Epe'as "Rifles Arm" 3 Rifle Group

The fighting company, or X°yrai (RL. "circle"), is to have one K°ert in the middle as its headquarters, with K°ypeh to supervise assets, cooking, and exceptional arms, as well as to oversee attached medical, engineer, logistics, and other units. It shall also have four fighting K°erteh. Each fighting K°ert shall have one K°yp in the middle as its headquarters, with 'Eh armed and trained for anti-tank, mortar, and sniper duties. It shall also have three fighting K°ypeh

to have four K°erteh, one in the Middle


The Ĉ'yfenĉeł'yhe (RL. "debtless men") are a special forces formation within the Ŝḥenĉeł'yhe, notable for being composed solely of fighters who furnished their own equipment and training, chose not to buy in as a shareholder, and otherwise have no debts to resolve through their service.

As such, they effectively function as subcontractors to the greater organization, and each unit of Ĉ'yfenĉeł'yhe is organized independently to that of the main organization.


Rank and position within the Ŝḥenĉeł'yhe are dictated by financial status as well as fighting and command skill. Those who have been wealthy enough to buy into the organization to become a shareholder are called Bysymehe (RL. "Owners"). Those who signed on to provide their services to the organization to cover debts and had to be furnished with equipment and training are called Zeuak°'ehe (RL. "Fighters").

Rank Translation Equivalent to Imperial Army Role
Nypḥyk°' RL. "Standard Bearer" Salbnan Field Commander
Tamtḥemat RL. "Wing Boss" Ahmst / Tribune Battalion Commander
Tḥemat RL. "Boss" Company Commander
Bysym RL. "Owner, Host" Golsapbir / Draconary Subaltern (various)
Rank Translation Equivalent to Imperial Army Role
Ẑyŝypq RL. "Really Old" Opratzan / Ordinate Senior Fighter
Lead Disciplinarian
Advisor to Company Commander
Feġzek°' RL. "Director" Frum / Prime Section Leader
'Epe'as RL. "Skillful (Fighter)" Chosen Man Team Leader
Zeuak°' RL. "Fighter" Streïak Trained Fighter
Ć'ale RL. "Boy, lit. New Meat" Nuïak Recruit