Ĉielero III

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Ĉielero III (In Aspiranto pronounced /tʃi.e.ˈle.ro la ˈtri.a/) is the present Queen of Meckelnburgh. As queen, Ĉielero is styled Their Royal Majesty (Aspiranto: Ria Reĝa Majesto). Ĉielero is head of the Church of Meckelnburgh and Parliament. The Queen has considerable powers under the constitution of Meckelnburgh. Their assent to bills is necessary before a law can be enforced. Ĉielero's may be translated as "the heavenly one" from Aspiranto. Ĉielero's eldest child, Vilhelmo, is heir to the throne. Vilhelmo is styled Their Royal Highness the Dauphin (Ria Reĝa Moŝto la Daŭfeno).

In their position as monarch, Ĉielero III holds the style: "By the Grace of God, Queen of Meckelnburgh, Princess of Meckelnburgh-Serkwais, Grand Duchess of Iselande, Lord Protector of the Faith."