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¡Oye Oye!

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¡Oye Oye!
Type Worker Cooperative
Industry News
Founded 1687 AN
Headquarters Oye, Alduria-Wechua
Key people Zoe Palamine (Lead Editor)

¡Oye Oye! is a Alduro-Wechua daily compact newspaper in Islas de la Libertad. Its editorial slant is notably left-leaning and focuses on current politics as well as social and ecological issues, but has been generally critical of the Green-Yellow coalition that governs Oye.

¡Oye Oye! is published by ¡HALA - una cooperativa editorial!, a publishing cooperative headquartered in Oye. HALA's other publications include Aullido, an environmentalist periodical, as well as several book series on environmental and economic issues from an eco-socialist perspective. HALA is member of Federación Bellini.

Tweeter profile: @oyetrinador

Recurring Segments

  • Vigilamos a los vigilantes: unofficial judicial review, consisting of investigations into political corruption, white collar crime, or police overreach
  • Bien, ahí está tu problema: environmental and engineering disaster investigations, with a focus on detailing the ways in which leaders either failed to enforce or actively circumvented safety or ethical considerations
  • La verdad pura: absurdist and satirical fiction news articles, which parody public figures, the conservative "common sense" mentality, and mundane daily life