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's Koningenwaarde

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's Koningenwaarde


Nation: Kingdom of Batavia
Population: 524,057 (1660 AN)
Predominant language: Dutch

Main roads: /
Major districts: /

Current Stadhouder: Albert Vermeylen


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Cathedral of 's Koningenwaarde
"’s Koningenwaarde lies at the Linge and is split by it into three parts. Important buildings, silent witnesses of the glory of the Batavian Empire, are present here more than anywhere else in the world. Economically the City is essential for any monarch who wants to wage war or claim any power over the Batavian people. Goods and wealth come and go. Anything you can dream of can be found in the one of stores of this Batavian capital."
—Description of a capital, Translation of Toeristische Leidraad voor de Bataafsche Landen, 1607

's Koningenwaarde (sometimes known as Kingsworth in English)was the capital of the Kingdom of Batavia between 1513 and 1615, and from 1661 AN till present. It was for a long time the largest city in the Kingdom and in during its peak rivalled the City of Shirekeep in population. Claims to be one of the older cities on the continent have been dismissed as fairy tales, but that does not diminishes its cultural and political importance, even long after the collapse of the Kingdom. It's home to many Batavian patriotic societies, and even under Jingdaoese protection, the liberties qand customs of the locals were relatively untouched (mostly because of sentimental reasons from the Jing point of view, who pitied their former masters).

The city was divided into three parts by the rivers the Linge and Zwette. While 's Koningenwaarde was founded on the northern bank of the Linge, it had since grown massively. Neither the Batavian Civil War (1582 - 1585), nor the successive wars for power over the region, really damaged the city itself. While the countryside around it saw itself fall into chaos and thievery, the City itself stood as a shimmer of hope.


Governing and politics

's Koningenwaarde represents the Hoofdstedelijk Gewest 's Koningenwaarde and was the only city in Batavia which was also a gewest. 's Koningenwaarde has several quarters which are named "Wijken" and "Kwartieren" in Dutch:

  • Buytenwijck
  • Centrum
  • Hoornwijck
  • Lingekwartier
  • Nieuburgh
  • Noorderkwartier
  • Oosterheim
  • 't Oude Oosten
  • Parkhorst
  • Vredebregt
  • Willemskwartier, (where the famous Micras Expo was held)
  • Zuyd
  • Zwettekwartier, harbor

Places of interest