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Coprieta Standard
The logo of the newspaper
Founded September 29, 2006
Headquarters Cherry Trees, Craitland
Format Online
Type News website
Political allegiance Unspecified
Language(s) English
Published on
Distribution International
Editor-in-chief Liam Sinclair

The Coprieta Standard is an intermicronational news service owned and operated by Liam Sinclair founded on September 29, 2006. It was Sinclair's first dedicated intermicronational-focused newspaper since his first journalistic effort in micronationalism, the Micronational Free Press, from 2001 to 2003. Except for a hiatus between January 2008 and March 2012, the Coprieta Standard has published regularly since its creation, totalling 599 articles as of December 31, 2017.


The Coprieta Standard provides coverage of political and community stories, as well as finance and other topics of interest. Its primary special feature is The Standard One-on-One, an interview series with various prominent micronationalists and newsmakers. The publication also publishes opinion pieces, mostly by Sinclair, but occasionally by guest writers.



Founded in September 2006, the Coprieta Standard is the latest micronational news media publication by the award-winning Liam Sinclair. Regularly active in micronational journalism since October 2001, Sinclair is the recipient of several community awards including the FNORD for Best News Blog (Atteran Chronicle World, 2004), and the 2007 FNORD Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Sinclair has headed up several successful and respected news media publications, from his humble beginnings with the Micronational Free Press, to the prestigious RIMA Journal, which was the Anglophone Micronational Community’s first, and only to date, historically-themed publication.


On June 9, 2007, the Standard acquired a significant interest in the Apollo Inquisitor and Football Fever, both of which are well-established historic news sources in our community. Under the agreement, these publications will publish through the Standard. Joining the staff of the Standard is Iain de Vembria, the architect of, the Micronational News Network, and many other news publications and support mechanisms. To access the archives of these two publications, click the appropriate link in the Blogroll. Also that month, the Standard welcomed several new contributors, all of whom are veteran micronationalists and widely-respected community members: Lachlan Powers, Pete James, and Enrique Carrillo. Welcomed as well was the Standard’s first columnist, Thomas Maher, best known for his work in the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg and Kingdom of Novasolum. Hesam Jahandar also joined the Coprieta Standard as a columnist in late August 2007.


  • 2006 Norton Award for Excellence in the Field of Journalism (Liam Sinclair of the Coprieta Standard)
  • 2007 Norton Award for Excellence in the Field of Journalism recipient (Liam Sinclair for work on the Coprieta Standard and dedicated career in micronational journalism).
  • 2012 Iain Jacobson Award for Journalism (The Coprieta Standard)
  • 2013 Iain Jacobson Award for Journalism (The Coprieta Standard)
  • 2014 Iain Jacobson Award for Journalism (The Coprieta Standard)
  • 2015 Micronationalist Award for Best Journalist (Liam Sinclair)

Contributors Past and Present

  • Liam Sinclair – Senior Editor and Owner
  • Lachlan Powers – Editor
  • Iain de Vembria – Editor
  • Pete James – Writer
  • Enrique Carrillo – Writer
  • Scott Alexander – Writer
  • Thomas Maher – Columnist
  • Hesam Jahandar – Columnist


While based for most of its history in the Gotzborg city of Coprieta, Montin, with the micronation entering an indefinite hiatus in December 2017, the offices of the Coprieta Standard moved to Cherry Trees, Craitland.