Senate hostage crisis (1589)

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A fairly ridiculous event, but we will try to make sense of it as best we can.

Press agency report, dated 16.IX.1589, suppressed prior to publication

There are indications today that the Senate Siege has entered its final stage. Foremost amongst those indications is that the Senate House is currently on fire.

Shelling by UDF tanks began at midnight and continued until 5am this morning. The principle target of their ire appears to be the collection of rebel officers from the 100/03e Jägarbataljon holed up in the Castle keep ever since their own disastrous intervention seven days ago.

The siege, entering its second week, began when retainers of the Emir of Sathrati swept into the Senate and took hostage those Senators who had been debating Senator Kaspar's alleged complicity in the assassination of Prince Daniyal.

During the week there had been sporadic reports of gunfire from within the building although these instances had trailed off noticeably during the week.

An abortive rescue attempt was made by Babkhan Commandos on Monday and Tuesday [insert local date conventions] but this effort came to nought when preparations were interrupted by the arrival of mutinying UDF troops led by the renegade Kapten Kolja who attempted to resolve the crisis through unilateral action. It is reported that sixty Elwynnbrigaden, two Babkhan terrorists and an undisclosed number of Babkhan Commandos were killed or seriously injured as a result of the three way exchange of indiscriminate gunfire. The courtyard of Castle Eliria is reportedly littered with burnt out vehicles and charred corpses.

Now patience with this impasse, which has inconvenienced and embarrassed the governments of three allied yet mutually antagonistic powers across two continents, has seemingly run out.

In a high risk strategy the Babkhan Commandos, reportedly from the Jâvidân Battalion, have renewed their assault in the early hours in coordination with the shelling of the Keep by UDF tanks. TR-1 Tordenhauks were observed hovering, whilst under small arms fire, as commandos rappelled onto the roof of the Senate House. Press observers were then forced to take cover as previously generalised and indiscriminate weapons fire appeared suddenly to focus in on their position.

Automatic gunfire and explosions consistent with the extensive use of grenades were heard up until 0730 but this now appears to be subsiding.

It has been reported that escaped members of the Senate are currently being relocated to the Krull Opera House for their own protection. The whereabouts of the Prince, the Kaiser and Senator Kaspar are currently unknown although latest rumours concern the reported removal by Babkhan Commandos of two body bags from the scene, one of which was seen to be visibly struggling.

More news on this breaking story as it unfolds.

Update at 0814: A loud explosion has been reported at Castle Eliria. Tordenhauks were seen strafing the Castle Keep and it is possible that an air strike has occurred. It is being suggested that with the Senate House having been stormed attention has now turned to neutralising Kapten Kolja.

Update at 0845: It has been announced by the Hall of Peace that Kapten Kolja has evaded capture and escaped the Senate. A manhunt let by Cudgellers in the Eliria metropolitan area has been announced and will be in progress. There is no further word yet as to who else has been killed or captured.

With this announcement it is now apparent that the focus of any remaining actions relating to the suppression of the coup will now be occurring away from the Senate.

UDF press conference, 24.IX.1589

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Generallöjtnant Georg Waldeck commanding officer of the Elwmacht Division, and I have assumed responsibility for the workings of the Hall of Peace whilst the Minister of the Union for Peace and Kinetics has been indisposed over these last view days.

Before I begin I am sure that you will agree that our thoughts this morning are with Carmella Blanco, from the 'Sera Posta' newspaper, as we hope for her safe return. She was last seen on the Ducal Mile at 1045 this morning seeking to arrange an interview with eye witnesses to the mornings events. If any person has any knowledge as to her whereabouts I urge them in the strongest possible terms to contact either the Hall of Peace or the Embassy of the Republic of Ashkenatza as we do not wish to see today soured by any further tragedy.

As you will all be undoubtedly aware the Union Defence Force moved decisively at midnight on the morning of 2nd Rocpinn, 10DA[1] to restore order in the legislative capital of the Union State. The deplorable situation in Eliria, the disgrace of the Senate, and the shameful insubordination of a small cadre of junior officers, was intolerable and could not be permitted to continue any longer.

Contrary to reports put out in over the news wires I can confirm that this was an exclusively Elw planned and executed operation. It is true that certain serving members of the IBAF were present in Eliria at the time of the operation but these were training facilitators whose role was purely advisory. The rebels and coup plotters were crushed by the ruthless actions of the men and women of 100/01e Pansarbataljon, ably supported by the Tordenhauks of the Union Aerospace Corps.

Many have questioned the nature of the direct assault on the Senate House and Castle Eliria but I can assure you that it was a matter of operational necessity. The foolish assault by the renegade officers last week proved the futility of going against an enemy ensconced in a strong defensive position without preparatory work being done before hand. It may go against the grain to shell an antique monument or to launch a bomb from a rotorcraft into an urban area but our intention was at all times to minimise the scope for collateral damage and the prevent wherever possible unnecessary suffering and loss of life, particularly to our own troops and innocent civilians.

As to the Senate House itself, I regret that the fires which swept the building were as a direct consequence of the use of fragmentation grenades in close quarter combat against the followers of Senator Kaspar. Normally flashbangs would be used in hostage rescue situations however due to regrettable supply problems only conventional combat grenades were available. It was nonetheless a testimony to the desperate and pitiless enemy that it took eight hours to exterminate the last vestiges of resistance within the wider Castle Eliria complex.

With the exception of four Babkhans who took the opportunity to defect all the terrorists aside from Senator Kaspar himself have been neutralised.

The Senator, or ex-Senator as we must now refer to him, has been transferred to Babkhan custody. I am given to understand that he has received attention from consular staff and that a team of SAVAK officers are currently en route to Eliria to facilitate his extradition.

I regret to announce that the Prince, Nathan Dariolin, expired from wounds endured during the siege. He was rescued and transferred to Eliria University Hospital at the first opportunity but efforts to staunch the wound and resuscitate him proved to be in vain. We are of course deeply moved by the bravery and fortitude he showed during these recent days of ceaseless ordeal.

The Kaiser, Ayreon, has also been rescued, and I believe has promptly seen fit to abdicate and put his name forward for election as the new Prince. It is not appropriate for the Military to comment on political issues.

The remaining Senators have all been rescued and are being housed and cared for pastorally in the Krull Opera House until new accommodation can be made available for the Senate to conduct official business in.

The Minister of the Union for Peace and Kinetics suffered minor wounds and is currently convalescing in a suitably discrete location while he takes stock of recent world events.

As for Kapten Kolja, this fugitive is currently on the run in the Eliria metropolitan district. Any person with any clue or inking as to his whereabouts is strongly urged to contact the authorities.

  1. ^ Obsolete pre-reformation calendar