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Sanya Mōnteneren Serƨenrezen Club

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The Sanya Mōnteneren Serƨenrezen Club (English: Senyan Mountain Search and Rescue Club) is a Search and Rescue volunteering charity that works in the mountains in the east of Senya, particularly those in the south central region. The charity is based in Grokhim, 30 miles east of Svorgas. The SMSC is responsible for safety on the mountains, particularly on off-piste routes, and work in conjunction with the Federation of Senyan Ski Resorts to help save lives on the mountains. On average, the SMSC is called out 14 times a day, falling to 3 in the summer months and rising to 71 in the winter ski season (December–February). Currently, the SMSC has 685 members, of which 206 are employed permanently. Members of the SMSC are invited to join several SMSC-run clubs to increase teamwork and ability to work on the mountains. All members must join the orienteering, first aid, mechanics and snowmobile clubs, and have to choose whether to do skiing or snowboarding. These clubs are designed to increase the ability of the members. These clubs are run in the mornings and evening so that all SMSC members (both employees and part-time volunteers) get to participate. The SMSC also run other activites on weekends, the most notable being the football club.

Football club

Full name SMSC
Founded 2012
Ground SMSC Sports Centre Stadium
(capacity: 2,000)
Manager Senya Oliver Gardner

The SMSC's football club is the most notable of its social clubs. It currently competes in the Senyan League, despite being an amateur club. To ensure that non-members can't join just for the football, the club bars members from joining the football club for 2 years until they have earned three certificates in mountain safety and are active members of at least 2 other clubs of the SMSC.