Freistaat Nordzibola

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Freistaat Nordzibola
Official language Cibolan Saxon
Capital Seeburg
Largest cities Seeburg, Wasserfeste
Website /
Forum Bastion Union
Number of citizens 123,250
Number of active citizens 2
Date founded 3rd of August, 2014
Government Freistaat
Current leader Kapitän Radboud
Currency Hirohitostuiver
National animal Raven
National fruit/food Jonasgold apple
National drink Imperial White Tea
Map versions /

The Freistaat Nordzibola is a de jure province of the Holy Empire of Jingdao which began to act as an independent nation after contact with the Imperial Palace on the Cibolan continent was lost. The Freistaat is located on the most northern island of Cibola.