Kingdom of Monovia

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Kingdom of Monovia
Royaume de Monovia
Official language English, French
Capital Monoviaville
Largest cities Berci, Custerburg, Vernon
Website Monovia Website
Forum Monovia Forums
Number of citizens 5
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation annexed to Hamland, then Ocia)
Date founded August 15th 2004
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader His Majesty King Elonzo I
Currency Monovian Euro (M€)
National animal Flamingo
National fruit/food Pear
National drink unknown
Map versions 8.0.1 - 10.5b (as an independent state)
12.4 - 13.3.0 (as a protectorate of Hamland)
13.4.0 - 13.8.0 (as a protectorate of the Republic of Ocia)
13.8.3 - present (as a protectorate of the Ocian Democratic Republic)