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The Gotzborg System of Honours

Work In Progress.png This article is a work in progress. As a result, it may be missing entire sections of information at this time.

The Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg is widely-respected and recognized for its extensive system of honours, which contains numerous orders, decorations and medals . The Kingdom has a number of awards that recognize both military and civilian service, most of which date from 2004, when Gotzborg joined the Internet community. Updates to the systems of honours have occurred on three occasions: in 2005, with the annexation of the Kingdom of Pendronia; in 2010, when new decorations and medals were proclaimed; and in 2013, when the Kingdom of Victoria was annexed.

Honour Types


The Royal Kingdom has seven chivalric orders that are bestowed by His Royal Majesty to individuals in recognition of widespread or particuarly-significant contributions to Gotzborg and the wider micronational community. A person entered into a specific Order by His Royal Majesty acquires the full entitlement of membership, including the right to use the associated post-nominals.

Decorations and Medals

A multitude of lesser honours, known as decorations and medals, exist to recognize service by Gotzers within a specific official role, usually in an official role, though there are honours that exist to recognize general citizenship, meritorious service or acts of gallantry, for example. These honours may be awarded to either civilians or members of the military, and in some cases, both. Foreign nationals are also permitted to receive certain honours.

Sequence of Honours

Within the Gotzborg system of honours, Chivalric Orders are higher in precedence than Decorations and Medals. Each order, decoration and medal is ranked according to its status and position within the system of honours, and it must be worn and displayed according to the official Sequence of Honours, as detailed below.


Decorations and Medals

Due to the extensive number of decorations and medals, only specific categories are listed on this page for the purpose of remaining concise. For more information on the sequence of honours within each category, please visit the related page.

Sequence of Honours (Decorations & Medals)
# Medal Category Created Updated
1 Gallantry Medals 2004
2 Honourable Service Medals 2004
3 Meritorious Service Medals 2004
4 Distinguished Service Medals 2004 2010
5 Royal Household Medals 2004
6 Campaign Medals 2005 2010
7 Long Service Medals 2010
8 Service Medals 2004 2010
9 Jubilee Medals 2010
10 Foreign National Medals 2004