Map type Claimsmap, version 7.0.0

This map was released on th 20th o May, 2005.
There are 28 nations on this map.
There are 399 cities on this map.

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Name Capital Colour
Imperial Republic of Natopia (Natopia) Lindström City (1229px,1380px) rgb(078,078,078)
Grand Commonwealth (Grand Commonwealth) šâhanšâhi-Tara (2418px,842px) rgb(255,206,049)
Imperial Republic of Shireroth (Shireroth) Shirekeep (654px,463px) rgb(206,000,000)
The Dinarchy of Antica (Antica) Aquilaria (1861px,650px) rgb(000,206,255)
Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia (Cyberia (VC)) Kernosopolis (2440px,669px) rgb(255,255,000)
The Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg (Gotzborg) Aufsatz (1048px,1325px) rgb(255,099,000)
Confederacy of the Rio Grande (Rio Grande) Loredo (987px,1505px) rgb(156,156,255)
Republic of Karnali (Karnali) (px,px) rgb(206,206,255)
Republic of Talamthom (Talamthom) Lhasa (2883px,424px) rgb(099,206,099)
Kingdom of Mahina (Mahina) Kapikala (1024px,1055px) rgb(132,132,000)
Royal Crandish Republic (Cranda) Huyenkula (2217px,556px) rgb(049,156,206)
Lavalon (Lavalon) Lavisitya (1209px,1428px) rgb(000,000,255)
Principlity of Treisenberg-Slavonia (Treisenberg) Treisen (201px,1420px) rgb(255,206,156)
The Union of Atteran Monarchies (Atteran Monarchies) Dunluce (2679px,582px) rgb(189,189,148)
Republiuc of Anthelia (Anthelia) Helion (1068px,1418px) rgb(255,000,000)
Het Rijk (Het Rijk) Landon (2462px,503px) rgb(000,000,132)
Kingdom of Storjord () Vrakstad (218px,1356px) rgb(156,000,255)
The Solomonic Empire of Attera (Attera) Kreutzberg ICT (2673px,503px) rgb(000,255,156)
Union of Ortania (Ortania) Lagano (123px,238px) rgb(219,061,165)
Soviet Republic of Novaya Zemlya (Novaya Zemlya) Yastrebsk (1368px,378px) rgb(099,099,156)
Independent Region of Mayo (Mayo) Iban (3003px,673px) rgb(255,117,054)
People\'s Republic of Charlotta (Charlotta) Iñigo (2807px,823px) rgb(049,206,049)
Federative Republic of Chine (Chine) Nanking (3070px,383px) rgb(191,191,191)
San Martin (San Martin) Altamira (215px,1110px) rgb(255,156,049)
Neo Soviet Union (Neo Soviet Union) Karajinskiy (3033px,1591px) rgb(206,206,000)
Viking Empire of Stormark (Stormark) Haraldsborg (2156px,734px) rgb(255,255,156)
Empire of Ayrez (Aryez) No Capital rgb(192,255,255)
Empire of Alexandria (Alexandria) Geneva (462px,1346px) rgb(132,000,132)