Map type Claimsmap, version 6.7.7

This map was released on th 01st o January, 1970.
There are 24 nations on this map.
There are 274 cities on this map.

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Name Capital Colour
Imperial Republic of Natopia (Natopia) Lindstrom City (1229px,1380px) rgb(078,078,078)
Empire of Lemuria (Lemuria) Nista Ramure (1929px,1502px) rgb(156,000,255)
Imperial Republic of Shireroth (Shireroth) Shirekeep (654px,463px) rgb(206,000,000)
Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia (Cyberia (VC)) Kernosopolis (2440px,669px) rgb(255,255,000)
Republic of Aerlig (Aerlig) Adelwin (137px,432px) rgb(000,255,000)
Holy Empire of Minorca (Minorca) San Severus (2030px,1593px) rgb(000,000,132)
Republic of Karnali (Karnali) Kaligandaki (2355px,330px) rgb(206,206,255)
Kingdom of Mahina (Mahina) Kapikala (1024px,1055px) rgb(193,076,194)
Second Lyrican Republic (Lyrica) No Capital rgb(255,156,000)
Democratic Republic of Victoria (Victoria) Bissau (2471px,495px) rgb(255,255,156)
United Kingdom of Arminy (Arminy) Arminsbur3 (2244px,689px) rgb(049,156,206)
Kingdom of Babkha (Babkha) Kamalshahr (2416px,1284px) rgb(255,206,049)
Grand Duchy of Coralia (Coralia) Rathoma (700px,29px) rgb(000,000,255)
Republic of Red Antilles (Red Antilles) Marxgrad (3318px,1052px) rgb(255,000,000)
Empire of Antica (Antica) Aquilaria (1861px,650px) rgb(000,206,255)
People\'s Republic of Jiangshan (Jiangshan) Jiangshan (2855px,453px) rgb(255,099,000)
Republic of Anthelia (Anthelia) Capital City (1063px,1332px) rgb(156,049,000)
People\'s Republic of Charlotta (Charlotta) Iñigo (2807px,823px) rgb(049,206,049)
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Moscow (1479px,517px) rgb(099,099,156)
Independent Region of Mayo (Mayo) Iban (3003px,673px) rgb(255,117,054)
Nation of Alteria (Alteria) Southport City (1072px,442px) rgb(132,000,132)
Federal Republic of Chine (Chine) Hong Kong (3044px,554px) rgb(000,255,255)
Commune of Velsen (Velsen) No Capital rgb(132,132,000)
Republic of Garonia (Garonia) Bunkbreed Hill (2032px,342px) rgb(000,255,156)