Map type Claimsmap, version 6.7.1

This map was released on th 01st o January, 1970.
There are 20 nations on this map.
There are 249 cities on this map.

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Name Capital Colour
Kingdom of United Madland (Alexandria) Geneva (2983px,666px) rgb(000,255,255)
Feianovan Commune (Feianova) Feianova City (3477px,941px) rgb(156,000,255)
Imperial Republic of Shireroth (Shireroth) Shirekeep (683px,363px) rgb(206,000,000)
Apollo Foundation (Apollo foundation) Airosamente (1520px,708px) rgb(255,255,255)
Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia (Cyberia (VC)) Kernsopolis (2469px,569px) rgb(255,255,000)
Virtual States of Absentia (Absentia) Anatevka (2439px,1568px) rgb(156,156,255)
Republic of Barac√£o (Baracao) Bandera (2197px,732px) rgb(000,000,132)
Republic of Karnali (Karnali) Kaligandaki (2384px,230px) rgb(206,206,255)
New Macadem (New Macadem) Wirraram (1630px,659px) rgb(206,206,000)
Kingdom of Mahina (Mahina) Kapikala (1053px,955px) rgb(193,076,194)
Second Lyrican Republic (Lyrica) No Capital rgb(255,156,000)
Auelrict Upon Micras (Auelrict on micras) New Adelwin (3285px,238px) rgb(255,255,156)
United Kingdom of Arminy (Arminy) Arminsbur3 (2273px,589px) rgb(049,156,206)
Kingdom of Babkha (Babkha) Kamalshahr (2445px,1184px) rgb(255,206,049)
Slobovian Republic (Slobovia) Grøßenburg (1670px,305px) rgb(000,000,255)
Dinarchy of Antica (Antica) Aquilaria (1890px,550px) rgb(000,206,255)
Republic of Noviykrazniystan (Noviykrazniystan) Noviykraznograd (2871px,1251px) rgb(156,049,000)
Dictatorship of Guimontia (Guimontia) Glastinoplis (70px,269px) rgb(255,099,000)
Land of Provincia (Provincia) New Bethlehem (1960px,1397px) rgb(132,000,132)
Virtual City of Netropolis (Netropolis) Netropolis (2454px,458px) rgb(049,206,049)