Map type Claimsmap, version 6.6.5

This map was released on th 01st o January, 1970.
There are 22 nations on this map.
There are 213 cities on this map.

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Name Capital Colour
Kingdom of United Madland (Alexandria) Argaath Perez (2997px,512px) rgb(000,255,255)
Republic of Delvenus (Delvenus) No Capital rgb(156,000,255)
Imperial Republic of Shireroth (Shireroth) Shirekeep (683px,362px) rgb(206,000,000)
Apollo Foundation (Apollo foundation) Menelmacar City (3424px,711px) rgb(255,255,255)
United Baronies of Treesia (Treesia) Failte (993px,190px) rgb(255,255,000)
Lighthouse City State (Lighthouse City State) Lighthouse (2457px,671px) rgb(000,000,132)
Chaocracy of Istvanistan (Istvanistan) Vladagrad (1055px,922px) rgb(156,156,255)
Republic of Karnali (Karnali) Kaligandaki (411px,329px) rgb(206,206,255)
New Macadem (New Macadem) Wirraram (1630px,659px) rgb(206,206,000)
Republic of Politika (Politika) Eureka (2646px,330px) rgb(000,255,156)
Kingdom of Northworthy (Northworthy) Negril (2100px,1445px) rgb(255,156,000)
Zamin of Báatharz (Babkhan) (Báatharz) Baath City (2127px,858px) rgb(132,132,000)
Crandish Republic (Cranda) Huyenkula (2243px,457px) rgb(049,156,206)
(Auelrict on micras) Lac Glacei (1993px,313px) rgb(255,255,156)
Slobovian Empire (Slobovia) Þohnrsburg (1761px,277px) rgb(000,000,255)
Oira Arnanore Menelmacariva (Menelmacariva) New Thassala (825px,1284px) rgb(255,000,000)
Theocracy of Mediterranea (Mediterranea) East Caput (2597px,453px) rgb(156,049,000)
Grand Star Empire (Grand Star Empire) No Capital rgb(132,000,132)
Republic of Kappitolya (Kappitolya) Kappitolya City (1181px,359px) rgb(191,191,191)
Soviet Republic of Arkania (Arkania) Marxgrad (2275px,1173px) rgb(099,000,000)
Kingdom of Babkha (Babkha) Kamalshahr (2446px,1184px) rgb(255,206,049)
Dominion of Korhal (Korhal) Julius (2332px,241px) rgb(086,184,086)