Map type Claimsmap, version 13.8.8

This map was released on th 31st o May, 2009.
There are 35 nations on this map.
There are 733 cities on this map.

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Name Capital Colour
Empire of the Alexandrians (Alexandria) Geneva (477px,1361px) rgb(128,000,128)
Kingdom of Amokolia (Amokolia) Anun (418px,229px) rgb(106,044,044)
Grand Union of Amoria (Amoria) Jamestown (1525px,452px) rgb(084,109,142)
Commonwealth of Antica (Antican Commonwealth) Nafticon (1956px,710px) rgb(000,203,253)
Republic of Ashkenatza (Ashkenatza) Kolmenitzkiy (248px,428px) rgb(165,147,203)
Kingdom of Babkha (Babkha) Kamalshahr (2431px,1299px) rgb(255,206,049)
Kingdom of Batavia (Batavia) 'S Koningenwaarde (138px,370px) rgb(255,117,054)
Grand Principality of Beaugium (Beaugium) Madness (3440px,925px) rgb(255,255,255)
Democratic Republic of Bobalania (Bobalania) City of Bobalania (2877px,1292px) rgb(255,196,196)
Kingdom of Bosworth (Bosworth) Shrewsbury (2962px,306px) rgb(000,204,204)
Kingdom of Carlswald (Carlswald) Carlsbald (1089px,1320px) rgb(108,182,255)
Kingdom of Craitland (Cräiteland) Cherry Trees (988px,235px) rgb(128,000,255)
Gralan Empire (Gralus) Rielrar (1947px,326px) rgb(000,117,255)
Kingdom of Hamland (Hamland) New Kirrie (2588px,549px) rgb(150,130,255)
Imperial Empire (Imperial Empire) Vader (3563px,249px) rgb(192,192,192)
Imperium Incognita (Imperium Incognita) Union City (2649px,1385px) rgb(255,095,000)
Republic of Interland (Interland (pl)) Novograd (3041px,898px) rgb(000,000,064)
Republic of Istvanistan (Istvanistan) Vladagrad (1041px,1035px) rgb(128,128,000)
Empire of Kazoku (Kazoku) Yamato (2590px,901px) rgb(128,064,000)
Kingdom of Lovely (Lovely) Danny's Flat (3312px,1049px) rgb(254,152,102)
United Kingdom of Luthoria (Luthoria) Kakali City (2497px,951px) rgb(255,255,117)
Bovic Empire of Natopia (Natopia) Lindstrom City (1245px,1395px) rgb(050,050,050)
Nelaga Territories (Nelaga) Nova Kajar (611px,1231px) rgb(000,128,128)
Nova England (Nova England) West Grinstead (3201px,357px) rgb(177,254,254)
Democratic Republic of Ocia (Ocian democratic republic) Directus (2870px,471px) rgb(000,255,000)
Ocia Federation (Ocian Federation) Directus (2872px,471px) rgb(000,000,255)
Free Society of Passas (Passas) No Capital rgb(255,000,117)
Holy Empire of RĂ©union (Reunion) Saint-Denis (1116px,246px) rgb(000,064,128)
Democratic Republic of Sarasovia (Sarasovia) Sarasovia (2633px,205px) rgb(134,247,139)
Imperial Republic of Shireroth (Shireroth) Shirekeep (669px,478px) rgb(203,000,000)
Viking Empire of Stormark (Stormark) Haraldsborg (2171px,749px) rgb(254,203,102)
Kingdom of Uantir (Uantir) Castle Uantir (3264px,506px) rgb(129,129,129)
United Soviet States of Col (USSC) Benkerngrad (2437px,401px) rgb(000,000,128)
Technocracy of Universalis (Universalis) Aristarchus (1323px,1514px) rgb(024,024,024)
Kingdom of Verac (Verac) Modbury (971px,1016px) rgb(255,128,255)