Map type Claimsmap, version 5.4.1

This map was released on th 01st o January, 1970.
There are 20 nations on this map.
There are 191 cities on this map.

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Name Capital Colour
Republic of Delvenus (Delvenus) No Capital rgb(000,128,000)
Imperial Republic of Shireroth (Shireroth) Shirekeep (683px,363px) rgb(192,000,000)
Republic of Islamica (Islamica) Beeb (2939px,1544px) rgb(096,192,255)
Apollo Foundation (Apollo foundation) Concord (513px,252px) rgb(255,255,255)
Kingdom of Babkha (Babkha) Kamalshahr (2445px,1186px) rgb(255,192,064)
United Baronies of Treesia (Treesia) Failte (993px,191px) rgb(255,255,000)
Republic of Baracao (Baracao) Ciudad de Howard (2194px,734px) rgb(255,000,000)
Chaocracy of Istvanistan (Istvanistan) Vladagrad (1055px,923px) rgb(128,128,255)
Seventh Republic of Audentior (Audentior) Airosamente (1520px,709px) rgb(192,192,255)
New Macadem (New Macadem) Wirraram (1630px,660px) rgb(192,192,000)
Atteran Empire (Attera) Q'attera ICT (2761px,628px) rgb(000,000,128)
Republic of Politika (Politika) Eureka (2646px,331px) rgb(255,255,128)
Imperium of Menelmacar (Menelmacar) Menelmacar City (3424px,712px) rgb(000,255,000)
The Korhal Republic (Korhal) Aiur (2960px,1276px) rgb(128,128,128)
Federated States of Prinitica (Prinitica) Tathegata (2191px,685px) rgb(000,000,255)
The Collective Unconscious (Collective Unconscious) Acuminata (1303px,1226px) rgb(255,000,255)
Transatteran Republic (Transattera) Mason's Lodge (2213px,556px) rgb(000,255,255)
Celtic Kingdom of Syrah (Syrah) Dunluce (3222px,243px) rgb(000,064,128)
Republic of Varja (Varja) Kovocha (2342px,164px) rgb(000,000,000)
Commonwealth of Puritania (Puritania) Protestonia (146px,265px) rgb(000,255,128)