Wechua Nation

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The Wechua Nation
Flag of Wechua
Coat of Arms of Wechua
Coat of Arms
Motto: Huñusqa Nasyunkuna (United Always)
Location of Wechua
Map versions
Capital Parap
Largest city Auquimarca, Rimarima.
Official language(s) Wechu
Official religion(s)
Demonym Wechua
 - Adjective Wechua
Government Divine, Absolute Monarchy
 - Sapa Wechua Manco Cápac
 - Inkap Rantin Kayara Mayhuasca Soncco
 - Legislature Topa Wechua Yupanqui
Establishment 7 January 2018
 - Ranked NA
 - Ranked
Population 1,877,219
 - Active
 - Ranked
Currency Sol
Abbreviation WEC
National website
National forum
National animal Llama
National food Native Potato
National drink Chicha
National tree

The Wechua Nation (Wechu: Tawantinsuyu, lit. "The Four Regions"), is a nation in central Keltia composed of the Keltian native Wechua people. Its administrative and political center is located in the city of Parap. The Wechua Nation arose from the highlands of Central Keltia, namely the Mount Lacara area.