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Commomnwealth of Vyktory
Flag of Vyktory
Coat of Arms of Vyktory
Coat of Arms
Motto: Latin: Libertas est victoria.
English: Freedom is victory.
Location of Vyktory
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Capital Jamestown (Vyktory)
Largest city Jamestown, Harrisville, Stamford, Georgetown
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) {{{religion}}}
Demonym Vyktoryan
 - Adjective Vyktoryan
Government Federal parliamentary democratic monarchy
 - King James I of Vyktory
 - Prime Minister Megan Porter
 - Legislature House of Representatives
Establishment 6 July 2014
 - Ranked N/A
Area N/A (OOC)
29,603 km2 (IC)
 - Ranked N/A
Population 5 (OOC)
5,500,000 (IC)
 - Active 3
 - Ranked N/A
Currency Dollar ($)
Abbreviation VYK
National website
National forum [1]
National animal Lion
National food Chicken Schnitzel
National drink Orange Juice
National tree Pine