Union of States around the Sovereign Oceans

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Union of States around the Sovereign Oceans
Flag of USSO
Emblem of USSO
Location of USSO
Headquarters Apollo City (Jingdao)
Official language(s) English
Type Military alliance
 - Chairman of the USSO
 - Supreme Commander
 - Main assembly Political Consultative Committee
Establishment 26th February, 2017
Membership 5 member states

(of 30 MCS-nations [1])

National website NA
National forum Forum

The Union of States around the Sovereign Oceans (USSO) is a collective defence and cultural treaty organisation among Jingdaoese-Apollonian Union, Craitland, Gerenia, Passio-Corum and Xang Muang.



A map highlighting the members of the USSO.

The USSO was born during a period of heightened tensions due to the ongoing Hammish Civil War. Jingdao, which had undergone a change of government and (limited) democratization after the death of the Sheng Emperor, sought to regain some influence on the world stage.

It found allies in nations including Gerenia and Xang Muang, who were eager to protect themselves against what was perceived imperialist aggression from other nations, Craitland, which offered humanitarian efforts for future situations, and Passio-Corum, which sought to protect its economic interests around the Sea of Storms. Having seen Hamland pushed into a lengthy and cruel civil war had both shocked and angered public opinion, which demanded the atrocities to be stopped. Much of the blame was put on the interference by the larger (western) states, which sought to use the war to their benefit.


On the 26th February 2017, its founding states signed the Treaty of Voorpost.


A propaganda poster of the USSO's commitment to each other.

The USSO has been involved in the following number of conflicts:


Chairman of the USSO

Political Consultative Committee (Policon)

Joint Command

USSO Common Market

USSO Common Market


  1. ^ As of 26/02/2017 there were 30 nations on the map.