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Trans-Samarne Province

Proziu Ŷarsamarnes (gr)
Flag of Trans-Samarne
Coat of Arms of Trans-Samarne
Coat of Arms
Location of Trans-Samarne
Location of Trans-Samarne
Established 14 November 2015
Capital Pjsel-Žarnea
Largest cities Poskka Antagares, Mirĵan
Demonym Transamarnian
 - Adjective Transamarnian
Governor Adrian Layseka (PP)
Area 11,813 km²
 - Ranked 8th
Population 141,067 (2017)
 - Ranked 9th
Density 11.94/km²
Abbreviation YS

Trans-Samarne (Gerenian: Ŷarsamarne) is a province in Gerenia, founded in 2015. Its capital city is Pjsel-Žarnea.



Trans-Samarne was officially created in 14 November 2015, when the Gerenian government expanded its borders towards the south-east, across Camoleo River (called Samarne in Gerenia). The areas claimed by Gerenia had been occupied for at least six months before the creation of the province.

The main reason behind the expansion was the exploitation of the mineral deposits of the region. During 2015, even before the settlement of Gerenians across the Camoleo started, Jan-Gebreel Mesonau, Gerenian Minister of Defence, opined that the new border would need a defensive infrastructure. He studied the topography of the area, and planned the creation of a defensive line, the Mesonau Line. The borders of Trans-Samarne were drawn following the design of the Mesonau Line, and not in the reverse order.

Mesonau was appointed as Governor of the province when it was founded.


Map of Trans-Samarne as of 3 January 2016

In the initial stage of the expansion, which occurred in November 2015, three sectors were formally occupied. The sectors were separated by unclaimed territory. In the second stage, not carried out yet, the province would expand so all the lands in front of "Cis-Samarne" are under Gerenian rule. The north-eastern banks of Lake Lamantia (called Kineval in Gerenia) would also be occupied.

Nevertheless, in 2 January 2016 the Holy Grand Empire of Jingdao established the Kingdom of Batavia in the lands south-east of the Camoleo. By request of the Gerenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Jingdao agreed to negotiate the transfer of Mesonau and Pareve to Gerenia.


Most of the territory of Trans-Samarne is located within the Adarman Highlands, while the nothern end belongs to the Samarne Plateau, and has a hilly relief. The average altitude of the province is 800 m.

Administrative divisions

Trans-Samarne is divided in two districts (Antagar, Koval), and one county (Kazria).


Mining is the main economic activity in the province. From the mountains, lead and copper can be extracted. Fishing is allowed in Antagar District (north) only.