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State of Talenore
Official language English, Babkhi, Elw, Sani
Capital Talenore City
Largest cities Talenore City
Forum [http://bastionunion.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=871&sid=20ed9ec86294de8708f15134a34e6fb8
Number of citizens 2
Number of active citizens 2
Date founded June 14, 2014
Government Semi-Presidential Republic
Current leader President Malliki Nur Pinito
Currency Dollar
National animal Lion

The State of Talenore is a micronation, intended to be a melting pot for various Micran cultures, particularly the Babkhi, Elw and Sanis.


Talenore was founded as an English speaking nation based on Babkhi, Elw and Sani culture, due to the founding citizens being Babkhi, Elw and Sani. It is the successor state to Sanilla and Chambuur. From its inception, Talenore was a semi-presidential republic. The main macronational influences on the nation are Singapore and other small east Asian republics.


Talenore is a semi-presidential republic, led by Malliki Nur Pinito since independence. Laws are passed by Parliament, consisting of the Legislature and the President. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President and responsible to the Legislature as well as the President. The country has been ruled by the National Development Party since independence, there is currently a power struggle between the President and Prime Minister, with the former trying to abolish the latter. The Prime Minister chairs the Cabinet, consisting of several ministers appointed by the President.


Talenore consists of a single island located in the Skerry Isles. The country is subdivided into governorates, cities with special status and municipalities.


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