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The Synklētos is the democratic chamber of the Free Associative Kingdom of Constancia. It is elected by a poll of the people every three years, and is responsible for legislating the legal framework of the Kingdom. Passing Bills is the Synklētos' main duty, with such Bills later being considered and approved of, via Vasilikí Singatáthesi, by the Basileus.

List of Acts of the Synklētos

Acts of the 2nd Synklētos (formerly Constancian Parliament)

Act Status
The Micras Representation Act 1632 PASSED
The Return to the origins Act 1632 PASSED
The Citizenship Act 1632 PASSED
The Borders Act 1632 PASSED

Acts of the 3rd Synklētos

Act Status
The Armed Forces Act 1634 PASSED
The Education Act 1635 PASSED
The Nobelissimoses Act 1635 PASSED
The Private Property Act 1635 VETOED
The Borders Control Agency Act 1635 PASSED
The International Recognition Act 1636 PASSED