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Democratic Environmental Society of Senya
Official language English, Senyanese, German, Riverernian
Capital Svorgas
Largest cities Svorgas, Eprat, Dyas, Moroni, Jogasim, Tiga
Number of citizens 8,000,000 (simulated)
Date founded 27 March 2010 (real)
13 December 1988
Current leader President Barnaby Hands
Currency Vontar
Map versions 14.8.7-present

The Democratic Environmental Society of Senya is a small micronation in Eastern Apollonia. It borders Elwynn to the North-East and Shireroth to the East, with unclaimed territory making up the remainder of it's border. It is one of the few Micras nations which is landlocked.

History (Fictional)

Kingdom of Resqwerland

The Kingdom of Resqwerland existed between 931 BC & 1455 AD. It was started by King Rasavious I, who founded his nation. Resqwerland occupied what is now Eprat. It went through the hands of 106 monarchs, before the Revolution of 1454.

Revolution of 1454

In January 1454, fractions of the Resqwerlandish army rebelled against King James XVII. Two fractions, the Socialists and the Facists, were created, and began to occupy land to the east and south. The Revolution claimed many lives, with Historians believing the figure to be in 10,000,000 region. On January 7, 1455, James XVII was executed in a cave outside of Svorgas, (near the existing village of Jamestown) and marked the end of the Kingdom. However, the Country was now devided between the Socialist South (Soviet Republic of Resqwerland) and the Facist North (Resqwerlandish Reich).

Civil War

The two nations had many disputes, and in September 1459, tensions flooded over into a Civil War. The Socialists made the early ground, but were soon pushed back by the Facists. In April 1460, a peace treaty was signed which merged the nation back together, under the Senyan Republic, named after the man who came up with the treaty, Gregorious Senya.

Massacre of the River

In 1988, a Facist terrorist organisation called the Loreztaz's, entered the land of the River Warrior tribe. The Group, armed with semi-automatic weapons and shotguns, massacred the River Warriors. Socialists arrived days later to find mass graves filled with River Warriors, and counted over 300,000 dead. Only 1,000 people survived. The Loreztaz's were captured in Elwynn a month later, where they were executed. The Move lead to the formation of the Democratic Environmental Society of Senya.


Senya is split up into 1 Federal Region, 1 Military District and 1 Autonomous Region.