Natopian Defense Force

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The Defense Force's Coat of Arms

The Natopian Defense Force is a combined arms force tasked, under the Caprine Code with defending the totality of Natopia's holdings on Micras and in the wider Atos system. It's motto is Duty, Loyalty, Honor. It is ultimately under the command of the Natopian Emperor, who has the supreme rank of Grand Commander of the Defense Force. Most operations and decisions are made by the Natopian Secretary for Defense.


Note to self. General structure is as follows:
Court of the Verdant Gardens (CVG)>> Natopian Defense Force (NDF) >> Service Branches >> Commands >> Fleets/Forces >> Divisions/Groups

Natopian Army

Natopian Navy

  • Board of the Admiralty (commanded by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty)
    • Naval Command (commanded by an admiral)
      • Gaeos Fleet (commanded by a vice-admiral)
        • 1st Carrier Group (commanded by a rear-admiral)
        • 1st Support Group
        • 1st Home Group
        • 2nd Home Group
      • Raynor Fleet
        • 2nd Carrier Group
        • 3rd Home Group
        • 1st Submarine Group
      • Dominion Fleet
        • 1st Exploratory Group
        • 2nd Exploratory Group
        • 3rd Exploratory Group
        • 4th Exploratory Group
    • Coastal Command
      • Royal Fleet
        • Royal Yacht Group
      • Tapfer Fleet
        • Bay Patrol Group
      • Cibola Fleet
      • Yardistan Fleet
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Natopian Spacefleet

The Spacefleet's Coat of Arms
  • Aerospace Command
      • Spacefleet Headquarters and Spacefleet Academy
    • Spacefleet
      • Deep Space Patrol Group
      • Atos Patrol Group
      • Natopian International Space Station (NISS)
      • Tarsica Support Group
    • Orbital Defence Force
      • 1st (Fighter) Group
      • 2nd (Bombardment) Group
      • 3rd (Support) Group


The uniforms for each branch of the Defense Force are designed by the Institute of Heraldry within the Court of the Verdant Gardens and manufactured via a contract with Dingo Enterprises. Spacefleet uniforms are consist of dark gray pants and tanktop (for arm mobility in potential zero-g situations) with silver-colored leather straps, and a side cap with silver piping. Navy uniforms are blue pants and longsleeve shirts to protect against the elements while on deck with gold-colored leather straps, and a standard cap with gold piping. Army uniforms are dark teal with rolled up sleeves, bronze-colored leather straps, and a beret with bronze piping.

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