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Lindstromism is the political idealogy created by Nathan Waffel-Paine. A pure lindstromist government involves a single check on an absolute ruler, that of, in traditional lindstromist idealogy, death. Modern lindstromism involves removing the ruler from power, and a further check is usually in place. A high judge is given the power to remove the ruler from office, but the national legislature may vote to overturn this judicial decision. The fictional founding of lindstromism dates back to 17th century Sweden, when the poltical theorist Gustav Lindstrom first suggested the check on the Swedish throne. He was imprisoned and executed and his political writings vanished. As the story goes, Nathan Shepard rediscovered the ancient texts and put them into practice when reorganizing the city of Natopia into a micronation. The Sovereign Imperial Kingdom of Natopia is the only nation that operates on lindstromist principles, although the principles have largly been infused with democratic ideals over time.