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History of the City

Lindstrom City is named for the fictitious Swedish revolutionary, Gustav Lindstrom, who developed the idea of lindstromism. The City is one of the three oldest cities in Natopia along with Andiopolis and Vice City. It has always been the capital but has been included in many different subdivisions. First the capital was inside the Region of Shepard, a semi-autonomous region of the Supreme Sovereign Republic of Natopia. Then it was dissociated from the Regions into an independent capital territory called the Principality of Natopia, later renamed as the Vicinage of Shepard and finally the District of Shepard. Lindstrom City was absorbed into the newly created Royal Barony of Ziegeland, which would annex Lochhatonia to become the United Principality of Ziegeland-Lochhatonia. The principality eventually dissolved itself. Lindstrom City then found itself in the County of Pavleton. A few months later Ziegeland was re-founded and absorbed Pavleton to become the seat og government yet again.